What's in A Name

There has been much speculation and puzzlement1 over the years as to the origin of the name Combat Dome (and thus, InfoDome itself). This page is here to attempt to explain.
In creating the site originally, Our Glorious Founder2 tried many names for the page. As he was using the medium of Bebo, many names had already been taken by other, like minded (yet vastly inferior) groups. The Gamemaster quested to find a name that was unique. Then, he hit upon an idea… That is to say, stole it from a better author. Thus was formed the basis of all future activities on the site. (see the Rules of Combat Dome) The name came partly from the series of novels Dream Park in which Live Action Role Playing games (LARPs) Are played in huge domes, where players are totally submerged into the gaming environment. The idea of a virtual version of these domes appealed to The Gamemaster. However "Dome" is an awful name for a site and "LARPDome" Would have been worse. Given that the intention at the time was for fighting to be the focus, the name Combat Dome arose, and thus was founded a great story.

The sister group of "Info Dome (The Combat Dome Wikipedia!)" was created in a particularly boring afternoon by Our Hilarious Underminer3, and the name was thought up on the spot as the best way of making a similar name that had some implication of information behind it. It also amused the creator that the titular imaginary dome of Combat Dome should have a pacifistic, learning-devoted counterpart just down the road. Possibly linked by a highway... And of course, given how the Combat Dome multiverse works, these Domes and that highway really do exist somewhere now…
When Info Dome moved its physical manifestation in this world to a bigger, better place under the watchful eye of Combat Dome's founder, it somehow managed to lose a space and become InfoDome. Exactly how is unknown, but Info Dome's founder now refuses to let Combat Dome's founder move his stuff, just in case.

Please Note: This article contains some truth! However, those easily offended by truth should be appeased by the amount of humorous yet blatant falsehoods.

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