What exactly is this Combat Dome anyway?

The best answer would be to tell you to see for yourself. There are links to the old and new Combat Dome sites on the Welcome Page of this very wiki.

However, if what you want is a vague and mostly-useless description of the site and its philosophy, well:

Created in May 2008 by a bored high school student named Rowan, Combat Dome was initially an experiment to see if Rowan could run RPGs over the internet - and if anyone else would want to play them. The first batch of players contained local Stupidity Point-Outer Calum, occasional players Craig and "Moose" and a few other one-shots who promptly disappeared. Over time, all but Rowan and Calum have faded into obscurity, real life having finally caught up with them and prised them away from Combat Dome and, in many cases, from RPGs in general. New players, however, have always been found to (at least temporarily) replace the old ones, and with any luck the current bunch will stay a little longer than most.

Combat Dome is not exactly an RPG-based site as such - it's an entertainment-based site. What Combat Dome is - or aims to be - is the site that takes the way normal RPGs work and satirises it into oblivion, before rebuilding something similar but non-identical from the wreckage.

In terms of the mechanics and details, Combat Dome has little to offer compared to other RPG sites. But the new things it CAN bring to the table are the human qualities - a brain, a sense of humour, and a heart.

Combat dome is not hard-core nerds sitting round a table arguing over petty details. Combat Dome is not serious storytellers writing the next epic adventure through an RPG medium because they don't like or aren't up to the idea of literary authordom. Combat Dome is not eager learners striving to improve their hardcore RPG skillz. Combat Dome is a bunch of amateurs who happened to stumble together out of chance, and are now laughing in a pub, poking fun at each other in between drinks.

So if you're looking for a rigid, no-nonsense, serious RPG experience, don't come to Combat Dome. We will chew you up and churn you out. But if you're willing to bend a little, twist your mind in unusual ways, and above all just go with the flow and see where ya wind up…

Welcome home, weary traveller. Wecome. Home.1

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