The Order/Chaos Relationship

A more balanced view than The Good Gamemaster Relationship or The Good Jokester Relationship, and less theologically confusing than The God/Satan Relationship, this theory on the relationship between the Gamemaster and the Jokester gives them as a representation of the primordial forces of Order and Chaos.

The Lawful Neutral Gamemaster here is the agent of Order, creating worlds with rules and imposing His rules on other worlds that did not originally have them. While He is willing to use apparently chaotic means to reach His ends (ending a Game that wasn't ordered enough by dropping a space-rock on it, for example) he always does so in ordered ways - it occurs in accordance with accepted rules of fiction, and kills only those whom He decrees.

The Chaotic Neutral Jokester here is the Gamemaster's Chaotic counterpart, undermining the ordered worlds which His opposite imposes by highlighting their irregularities and mocking them, and occasionally hijacking the narrative to steer it away from the Gamemaster's plan.

It is difficult to say what further such beings would represent under this Relationship - although given this is an RPG multiverse, it is likely that before long we will have agents of True Neutral, Chaotic Evil, Neutral Good, etc.

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