The Good Jokester Relationship

Another theory concerning the ever-baffling relationship between Gamemaster and Jokester takes a similar view to The Good Gamemaster Relationship - but with the roles reversed.

Here it is the Gamemaster who is representative of Evil - a domineering celestial bully who hijacks innocent universes and forces them into shapes He feels they suit better, whether or not they were happy as they were. When one of His universes fails to turn out how He likes, it is destroyed and he moves on.

The Jokester here is seen as a daring, tongue-in-cheek hero brave enough to rebel against the Gamemaster's injustice, not yet powerful enough to overthrow the tyrant but confident enough in his own ability to interfere where he can and otherwise simply devote His life to constantly taking Him down a much-needed peg or two.

Again, in this Relationship, any third such being would presumably represent Neutral.

The bad news in this Relationship is that the Jokester is not yet powerful enough to take on the Gamemaster head-to-head. The good news is that He will soon be able to form worlds of his own, which the Gamemaster will have minimal influence in.

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