The Good Gamemaster Relationship

Another theory to the Gamemaster/Jokester relationship is that it represents the struggle between Good and Evil with the Gamemaster as Good and the Jokester as, you guessed it, Evil.

This theory gives the Gamemaster as a great celestial storyteller, striving for narrative perfection in the face of those irritatingly-free-willed PCs who keep going off the rails and ruining His plots. When it becomes clear that a story is not going to work, He is forced to end it prematurely, but in doing so He endeavours to save all the important characters.

The Jokester, by contrast, is a petty, immature, malicious demon who deliberately disrupts the Gamemaster's stories, mocking and outright insulting His work, purely for His own twisted entertainment.

In the event of a third such being arising, the popular view is that this third one will represent the state of Neutral.

The good news, if this is indeed the case, is that the Gamemaster is clearly the more powerful being. The bad news is that the Jokester will soon enough gain enough power to create stories Himself…

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