The God/Satan Relationship

There is a theory that the two most powerful beings in Combat Dome Canon take the roles of God and Satan. These beings are, of course, The Jokester and The Gamemaster.
One of these beings is a cause of great despair. Wiping out the populations of entire planets, forcing thousands to do his bidding, randomly setting people and their families on fire… You name it. He does, however, always seem to look after His own chosen people, saving them from disasters, including those he made himself. This is, of course, The Gamemaster.
The other is a petty nuisance, annoying people and perhaps occasionally killing one or two… Though even then, only to spite his opposite. His existence seems to be purely geared towards desperately trying to undermine his superior. This, then, is The Jokester.

With this in mind, think of the God/Satan thing once more. It becomes patently obvious that The Gamemaster is God whilst The Jokester is Satan. This is all very well and good, and many are happy to accept it. However, it raises a rather more sinister question. What will happen when, eventually, another player climbs the ranks to GMing status? What role will this new being take? Popular theory currently suggests that they will be Jesus. This idea is not liked by some, however, as it implies a sudden drop in the number of smitings and the amount of endorsed genocide… Another theory is that the third being will be Quantum. Because there's always bloody quantum.

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