The Games

So far there have been three games, only two of which have lasted for any significant length of time.

First Game
The first, which has no name, was a disastrously short, badly organized, poorly run treasure hunt. It was the first such game Rowan had ever run and it was cut short because of his own ineptitude and poor planning. It did, however, provide scope for an extended banter-filled conversation/mini-story, mainly between Gamemaster Rowan and Stupidity Point-Outer Calum. It was decided that this game be counted as a win for all those involved.

The second game was based on FFVII(Final Fantsy VII) and, as such, was imaginatively named "The FFVII Game". As it was based on an established world and plot, less planning was needed on Rowan's part and the game has run more smoothly. It ended on the 9th of February or thereabouts, won by Calum as Loki.

Dungeon Dimensions and Dragons
Subtitle: 'With Footnotes'
The third game, "Dungeon Dimensions and Dragons", was based on Terry Pratchet's Discworld novels and involved characters from the novels in a totally original situation involving an Auditor-induced war between the Agatean Empire and everyone else, which turned out to be a cover for an attempt to unleash a mutated strain of Coma Sickness.


Swords, Sorcery and Shotguns
Subtitle: '101 Reasons Why War and Peace Would Have Been Better If Tolstoy Had Added Magic'
A game being planned by Calum, which parodies Arthurian Legend, among other myths and stories.

Another game currently being planned by Calum, which will take place in a universe remakably similar to that of the Red Dwarf sci-fi show.

Cancelled Games:

Neverlution has been cancelled due to brain rot. It is possible that now an entire universe has contracted the coma sickness

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