The Creator/Trickster Relationship

Perhaps a more cerebral theory on the relationship between the Gamemaster and the Jokester than any of the other popular theories, this one compares the two entities to the common mythological figures of the Creator God and the Trickster God.

The general myth archetype goes something as follows:
The Creator creates the land/world/universe/whatever according to His (or, very rarely, Her) standards of perfection. All is designed in great detail, with the end result of a world pleasing to the Creator. The Trickster then turns up and decides to screw things around and have fun with what the Creator made, essentially using it as a plaything with which to test out His or Her own wiles and intelligence. Usually the Creator, being inevitably the more powerful, will at some point get tired of the Trickster's antics and put some sort of restriction on Him, but otherwise He seems bafflingly content to just let Him be.

With this in mind, we clearly have here our Creator - the Gamemaster, the entity through whose power the Combat Dome games come to be - and our Trickster - the Jokester, the being who exists solely to have fun and act against the Creator's conventions. The Jokester is due to soon become powerful enough to create worlds of His own, which would perhaps confuse this issue, however there do exist in some mythologies Tricksters who can create without actually being the Creator (Coyote and Raven, in various forms of North American Myth, are the most famous examples of this).

Which brings us again to the interesting question of what happens when a third GM comes into the frame. Presumably, this third being would follow one of the other common Mythological Figure Archetypes - an Underworld Deity perhaps, or a Parent Deity (we could certainly do with one of them) or even a Common Household Deity

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