The Coma Sickness

The Coma Sickness is a strange medical condition which causes its victims to spontaneously collapse and remain in a comatose state for an unspecified period of time. It has so far appeared in two strains. The original strain appears to only affect Player Characters - so far. The mutated strain is much worse, affecting NPCs and even the Gamemaster himself.

The Sickness first appeared on the Game World, where it struck down Goat, Lazarus (twice) and Billy Bo. Where it came from is unknown - yet - but given the weakness of the inter-universary boundaries in that particular universe, it would make sense for it to show up there early on.

From there, it somehow spread to Gaia(FFVII) where it struck down a Turk named Jayde, who didn't recover. Bob and Brall also suffered from the Coma Sickness for a while, but both recovered in time for the final battle. Since a character named Bob who arrived on the Game World via inter-universe portal bears some similarities to Bob from Gaia, it could be that this was the same person, and he acted as a carrier taking the Sickness between universes.

Through some unknown method, the original Sickness managed to then get into the Discworld, where it claimed its most impressive victim yet - the thunder god Blind Io. Blind Io is currently thought to be the first fatally of the sickness (although Goat and Jayde both died of 'Coma sickness with complications' - namely being hit with a massive rock). One possibility to explain this arrival is that Springheel also carried the Sickness when he returned to some variant of Earth in Victorian times. If we assume that this was the same Victorian-era Earth that the wizards of Undeen University travelled to in Darwin's Watch, they could have brought it back with them.

The mutated strain was somehow engineered by the Auditors of Reality in order to eliminate all conscious life. This Auditor-mutated strain of the coma sickness affected all the gods of Dunmanifestin and also every creature on the Disc bar Lu Tze and some of the Auditors. Lu Tze managed to wake all those on the Disc simply by going to the Gods' gameboard and picking up the pieces, however the Auditors intended to further the spread of the Sickness into other worlds, in order to reduce the messy quality of life. To prevent this, Lu Tze was forced to set his own universe to self-destruct.

The Gamemaster Himself also contracted the Sickness, although he eventually recovered, and that would make it powerful enough to take out the most supreme entity known to Combat Dome - not to mention giving it the ability to spread to any universe the Gamemaster now plays with. This, clealry, is a major threat and one we must continue to watch for.

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