Tactful Debate

…and if you'll believe that, you'll believe anything.

No RPG is ever complete without at least one tactful debate/argument/flaming rage war. So, anything you think would cause an amusing argument, well, you're probably right because we are an easily-amused bunch over here. So this is where it goes, so as to minimise collateral damage amongst other pages.

To start us off, the ultimate classic in RPG argument-provoking subjects…

Alignment in the Sand

No, not terrible puns. Character Alignment [OMINOUS THUNDER]. We here at Combat Dome do not much care about a character's alignment [OMINOUS THUNDER], and as a result we do not tend to make characters with a given alignment [OMINOUS THUNDER] in mind. Which makes us a rife ground for character alignment [OMINOUS THUNDER] -based arguments.

The Gamemaster

  • Lawful Neutral. He creates ordered systems (worlds) and attempts to maintain the rules within these worlds, defending them against the more obviously chaotic Jokester.
  • Disagree. He destroys entire worlds for his own amusement, and becomes easily bored in the presence of ordered systems, prompting him to trigger extreme destructive events.

The Jokester

  • Chaotic Neutral. He exists solely for the purposes of irritating people and subverting the natural order of things.
  • Disagree. He combats the machinations of the Gamemaster, albeit sometimes in a disordered way. He tries to restore the order that is brought by things like realistic physics and half-way-decent continuity.
  • Sarcastic Neutral. OK, it's a semi-joke homebrew alignment, but it works. A Sarcastic Neutral character is defined as one who "cares very little or not at all for the principles behind the conflicts of Good vs Evil or Order vs Chaos, and will therefore automatically side with whichever viewpoint provides the most opportunity to insult, mock, annoy, or generally behave in a snarky manner towards the people nearby him at the time". It is the default alignment for the harsher kind of Stupidity Point-Outer. The Jokester is, effectively, the in-game Stupidity Point-Outer of the Gamemaster pantheon.


  • Chaotic Evil -> Chaotic Neutral -> Chaotic Good. He starts off as a standard mad scientist performing dangerous and unethical procedures on innocent victims purely for the fun of it - pretty obviously Chaotic Evil. After his attempted murder-by-proxy by the company, his motivations seem to change from 'continuing his fun' to 'staying alive however possible', signalling a change to Chaotic Neutral. His encounters with the Mayor of Costa del Sol and subsequently with Joanna force him to disown Shin-Ra and all it stands for, and even seem to drag him at least part-way out of insanity. At this point he becomes effectively a rebel trying to protect innocents (Joanna) from the established order (Hojo) thus, Chaotic Good.

Springheel Jack

  • Chaotic Evil. Four words: Rape, Arson and GBH. Case closed.
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