Stupidity Point-Outer

Also known as 'Official Group Sceptic', the noble role of Stupidity Point-Outer is rumoured to go back centuries, even millenia, pre-dating all other Gamer Stereotypes and even the concept of gaming itself.

The basic concept can be described thusly:
Imagine a group of people who are all enthusiastic about their subject. They confine themselves to an area sheltered from the outside world, in which knowledge of and enthusiasm for their subject is the only factor involved in judging character merit. Prolonged existence is such a state will inevitably affect the mind of each of the individuals. They will become blind to their own flaws and the flaws of their subject, for those flaws are shared by everyone else in their sheltered bubble. In extreme cases, they will also become blind to the merits of all other subjects, essentially rejecting the outside world as 'second-rate' to their personal, exclusive world. Within this world, they will come to think of themselves as gods, only not the nice, omni-benevolent kind.
And anyone who's ever read up on Ancient Mythology will know how long gods tend to last when finally they tire of each other.

Enter, therefore, the Stupidity Point-Outer. This most important of officials is an outsider who serves as an ambassador between the outside world and the exclusive bubble of the enthusiasts. Being of the outside world and not an overt enthusiast himself, he can see the flaws and weaknesses which the enthusiasts miss and, more importantly, will happily and bluntly point them out. In doing so, he prevents any of the enthusiasts from being able to form illusions of grandeur by regularly reminding them how dumb their subject is. He keeps the enthusiasts firmly grounded in reality, constantly aware that there exists a world outside of their hallowed bubble. And, of course, when the enthusiasts are constantly aware of the existence of somebody with the ability to see their mistakes and the audacity to rib them for it, they naturally become more careful not to make any.

The result: a good time all round is had by all.

NOTE: The stereotype of 'Stupidity Point-Outer' is on the face of it very similar to that of 'newbie' (or, as I am assured they are seperate phenomena, 'n00b'). Both are marked out by their outsider status, their inability to comprehend the standard functionings of this new world, and their constant irritating habit of questioning what everyone else takes for granted. The important distinction, however, is in the tone and motive. It's the difference between someone who doesn't understand that you can't get higher than infinity and someone who knows all about Aleph-One...

The role of Stupidity Point-Outer on Combat Dome is currently taken by Calum ("I must warn you, anything you say on this site which I deem to contain anything stupid, this will be pointed out personally by me. [DISCLAIMER ENDS]"), although given he has been gradually becoming more actively involved in things, it could be that his outsider status could be seen to be diminishing and, therefore, the role will need to be passed on to someone else before too long…

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