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This is Info Dome, the Combat Dome Wikipedia. Everything you ever wanted to know about the RPG site known as Combat Dome. And several things you maybe didn't.

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Please note, we are not that InfoDome. This one's better. And less dull. And hasn't shut down1.

Here at InfoDome, we've stocked up on weapons and ammo for the new year, and we're really feeling confident about this coming season. 2012 may be the last year we get to torture anyone in, if you believe what was said by a short-lived race of superstitious Mexicans who, by the way, also saw nothing wrong with believing in a goddess of suicide. So we intend to make this the winter of other people's discontent.

Great guy, Richard the Third. Really knew how to liven up political intrigue.

(With murder.)

Whatever you're after (within reason), the Combat Dome's got you covered.

And the only way to get uncovered is to fight your way out.2

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