Full Name: Seo'c
Other Media: InfoDome
Villainy Status: Villain
Kill Count: 0
Death Count: 0

No-one is quite sure as to whether this character exists, and for this reason he/she/it has not been given a proper character page. However, just in case our suspicions are indeed correct, we at InfoDome find it only fair to warn you of the possible existence of the being we have dubbed "Seo'c".

Seo'c, sort-of pronounced "see-aw-ck!" (Xhosa speakers can get it easier than most with an 'X' click on the c) is the Demon of Advertising. Often considered the little sibling of Mammon, Demon of Greed, Seo'c seeks to spread despair and disillusionment throughout the multiverse by use of blatant, shameless and, above all, annoying adverts. Chances are you will have seen its work already, and can perhaps see it now, for it was on this very wiki that Seo'c's possible existence was first noted.

Seo'c, if he/she/it exists, was one of the first beings to gain access to the InfoDome. Certainly, it was already clogging up the welcome page with adverts when Stupidity Point-Outer and original Info Dome Founder Calum first came to the InfoDome to view the new home of his beloved "Combat Dome Wikipedia". It could be that Seo'c actually inhabited the site on the Metaworld to which the Info Dome was moved when it became the InfoDome before the moving occurred, which would explain his prevalence in the latter compared to only a minor presence in the former.

Either way, all is not lost. While Seo'c is brave enough to spew its filth over our beloved articles when it thinks it is being watched only by ordinary mortals, it seems to quickly pack it in once an InfoDome member signs in, which would indicate that the Demon of Advertising is not in fact powerful enough to take on such important and influential beings.

And yes, for those of you who are wondering, it is intentional that Seo'c's name should be an acronym of Search Engine Optimisation Copywriting.

In almost-shocking recent events, there had been evidence to suggest that Seo'c is not in fact as malevolent as first assumed, and is trying to tell us something. Messages have been spotted offering "Dome structure supply+fix" and others which desperately ask "Who am I? Where do I come from? What do I want to happen? What is my future?". Some have interpreted this as Seo'c, having previously been a half-conscious bringer of evil, developing a full awareness and conscience. As a result it has come up against the fairly existentialist dilemma that there must surely be more to life than spamming people, and is offering to work with us to maintain the Domes if we can only help it to work out a new purpose in life.

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