InfoDome Technical Jargon

Some helpful notes on the definitions of certain terms you will find bandied-about on this wiki.

CD (abv): abbreviation of 'Combat Dome' occasionally used by lazy InfoDome members. Does not usually play music.

CotP (abv): abbreviation of 'Charge of the Phoenix', a piece of Combat Dome Other Media.

DD&D (abv): abbreviation of 'Dungeon Dimensions and Dragons', one of the Games.

FWoaN (abv): abbreviation of 'For Want of a Nail', a piece of Combat Dome Other Media.

Gamemaster (n): the supreme being of the Combat Dome multiverse. Also the name of said supreme being's species. Not to be confused with the 'GM', which is the person who controls the plot and NPCs of a given game. Confusing, since the term 'GM' did originally stand for 'Game Master' and the Gamemaster's job in-universe is fairly similar to that of the GM in real life.

GM (n): the person who controls the plot and NPCs of a given game. In order to minimise confusion, the GM will always be referred to as such; never as the 'Game Master' which could be confused with the 'Gamemaster', a Combat Dome character.

Info Dome (n): the original 'Combat Dome Wikipedia', a single page on social networking site bebo.

InfoDome (n): the new Combat Dome wiki, one page of which you are presumably reading right now.

IRitF (abv): abbreviation of 'It Runs in the Family', a piece of Combat Dome Other Media. Not to be confused with Ifrit, a Summon of the FFVII Game.

NPC (abv): abbreviation of 'Non-Player Character'; a character controlled by the GM rather than a player.

PC (abv): abbreviation of 'Player-Character'; a character controlled by a player rather than the GM. May or may not be good at law enforcement. Ususally canot be used to access the internet - indeed, in Combat Dome one needs the internet to access one's PC…

RPG (abv): abbreviation of 'Role-Playing Game', that is, a game (like all of the Combat Dome games) in which players take on the 'roles' of characters in a story and must react to the narrative as provided by the GM. Not to be confused with certain other RPGs...

SS&S (abv): abbreviation of 'Swords, Sorcery and Shotguns', one of the Games.

Stupidity Point-Outer (n): the person whose job is to keep other Combat Dome members sufficiently grounded by periodically reminding them how stupid Combat Dome is. Also known as the Official Group Sceptic. Usually this refers to Calum.

TLoJH-B-DW (abv): abbreviation of 'The Life of Joanna Hojo-Be-Damned Whatyoulike', a piece of Combat Dome Other Media.

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