Info Dome: The Fridge

So you've been playing a Combat Dome game, and it all seems very normal. Nothing particularly noteable, just another turn in a passable RPG. Then, once you've sent the reply, and maybe stayed online for a while to wiki stuff and do whatever else it is you do with your internet (which is something we will not ask about…) you turn the computer off and head to the fridge to get something to drink…

BANG! Suddenly you realise! That bit didn't make sense! And that bit did! And that bit... oh no... oh, please, no...

Welcome, my friends, to the world of Fridge Realisations. It didn't hit you when you were actually interacting with the fiction. Now that it's half an hour later and you have nothing better to do than root around in the fridge… now is when it hits you.

And so, in classic InfoDome style, we have decided to totally ignore the whole point of the metaphor in there, and instead create for you a literal fridge in which to store such realisations. Unfortunately, this fridge does not appear to stock drinks. Although it may contain a cheese which is starting to evolve

Top Shelf: Fridge Logic
Middle Shelf: Fridge Brilliance
Bottom Shelf: Fridge Horror
Door Pocket: Other Fridge Realisations

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