Geography of Combat Dome

The subject of location in Combat Dome media is remarkably and needlessly convoluted, mainly due to the fact that nobody taking part really cares about where the action occurs, as long as it occurs in an impressive way. However, in the interests of knowledge and time-wasting:


The Combat Dome multiverse is possibly the most confusing part of the overall geography. While all universes yet featured in Combat Dome seem to follow similar rules in-game (see The Rules of Combat Dome), Many of these universes we know from other media do not follow the same rules otherwise. The Combat Dome Gamemaster appears to have total control over all things in-game, but is not apparent otherwise. And out-of-game, several universes featured in Combat Dome even contradict Combat Dome's established system of How The Multiverse Works (see article on Strand Theory). So, is Combat Dome a multiverse or an omniverse, or neither? And where does that leave all the universes it isn't currently affecting? Do we live in the Combat Dome multiverse (presumably on the Sourceworld if so) or did we just create it to have parallel versions of us in it?

One theory that seems to make sense is that Combat Dome is actually a Parasite Universe within a multiverse stemming from a single universe - the Sourceworld. Controlled by the Gamemaster - apparently the Supreme Being of this universe, compare and contrast with the Sourceworld's God - this Parasite Universe has no time or space of its own so latches onto existing universes and makes them obey its own rules for a time.
If this is the case, Combat Dome would appear to be set in the same multiverse which contains us, and this multiverse may well obey the laws of Strand Theory.

Another is that Combat Dome is a separate multiverse created by our imaginations in a similar way to that described in Strand Theory, but is outside our own multiverse. The Sourceworld at the heart of it is not actually our Earth, but a parallel version of it which is the physical embodiment of our imagination in this multiverse, naturally assuming a form we - and therefore our minds - find familiar.

A third theory states that the reality is somewhere between these two, a fourth states that the reality is nowhere near either of these, and a fifth states that nobody cares.

For more information, see our article on Strand Theory.

Universes in the Combat Dome Multiverse:

1.2 Bob's Universe

Game: First Game
Fiction of Origin: unknown

Bob travels to the Game World from here. It is only seen briefly through a portal and not described. It is not even known if Bob actually lives there or if it just happened to be somewhere he stopped off at on the way… which throws up the possibility of Service Station Universes…
May Be The Same As: FFVII Universe


Game: DD&D
Fiction of Origin: Terry Pratchett's Discworld series

So far, all of Dungeon Dimensions and Dragons occurs here. The universe was created by someone aptly named "The Creator", although others added extra bits later. Confusingly, both the Universe and its main planet are called "Discworld"

Planets in the Discworld Universe:


Game: DD&D
Dominant Species: mainly humans, but also inhabited by trolls, dwarves, the undead, gods, at least one orc and an intelligent orang-utan.

The Disc is round and flat and carried on the back of four elephants sat atop a Star Turtle. The laws of physics on the Disc come second to the laws of narrativium: stuff happens in the way that makes a good story. Magic also exists - nay, abounds - until the Auditors steal it, leading to a potential apocalypse.

Places on the Disc


Classified as: Empire

The richest area on the Disc. Known as the Aurient ('Place of Gold'). Currently run by the Lord McSweeney, and the Auditors. Parody of the Orient (esp the area once known as the Jade Empire).



Classified as: City-state

The largest (and filthiest) city on the Disc, and the richest 'country' apart from the Agatean Empire. Most of the action in DD&D occurs here. Home of the Patrician's palace and Unseen University. Parody of Britain and the USA.


Classified as: Monastery

Situated in the airy valleys of the Ramtop mountains, the History Monks' monastery is a parody of Eastern Buddhist monasteries and is Lu Tze's home.


Classified as: City (possibly now a country - hard to tell)

A slightly nicer-looking town, in which Susan Sto Helit is educated and which all three major characters visit simultaneously. Home of the Quirm College for Young Ladies, and a famous chip shop.


Game: DD&D
Fiction of Origin: Combat Dome

While DD&D starts off in the Discworld (see above), it appears to then move into an alternate Discworld, for reasons not yet known but probably involving Auditors. Due to a lack of clarity between the two, all places within this universe have been recorded under Discworld above. The DD&D Universe was erased completely due to the events of the game, and integrated with the original Discworld.



Game: FFVII Game
Fiction of Origin: Final Fantasy VII

The entire FFVII Game takes place here, although other universes are a major part of the plot. The biggest defining feature of this universe is the existence of "Lifestreams" - ethereal energy flows to which everything transmigrates upon death. This, of course, suggests there is no God and therefore throws up the question of who's supposed to have made this universe.
May Be The Same As: Bob's Universe

Planets in the FFVII Universe:


Game: FFVII Game
Dominant Species: Humans

Gaia is similar in some ways to our world (un-subtly emphasised by its being named after the Greek personification of the Earth), but different in many others. It is largely controlled by one huge corporation-cum-government, and inhabited by many theoretically impossible creatures. Magic exists in the form of materia, power-giving orbs of refined mako - which is a type of energy extracted from the world itself.

Places on Gaia


Classed as: ex-town

Large junglesque area visited by Loki, where he meets the Sourceworlder. Contains a ruined Shin-Ra experiment facility.


Classed as: canyon

Home to Bugenhagen and his philosopher friends. Relies heavily on tourism.


Classed as: city

A city built around a huge canon known as the Sister Ray. Contains the University of Junon. Loki meets Hojo there, and later uses the canon to kill a WEAPON.



Classed as: city

Where the Game begins. Built on a series of raised plates, under which are the slums. Home of the Shin-Ra HQ. Destroyed by a Meteor.

1.4.2 Jenova's Planet

Game: FFVII Game
Dominant Species: Presumably Jenova's Species

It is unclear where the alien known as Jenova came from, only that whatever her planet was, it really didn't like her very much.


Game: FFVII Game
Fiction of Origin: Final Fantasy X

Mentioned in the FFVII Game as somewhere Hojo visited. It didn?t seem to leave a very positive impression on him.


Other Media: For Want of a Nail
Fiction of Origin: For Want of a Nail

Originally a shadowverse (and maybe now one again), it was made to swap places with the FFVII universe by a mysterious stranger with power over the timelines. In this universe, Brall never filed a complaint against Loki, and as such he is dead, while Loki is a tyrannical ruler and Bob is a ruthless terrorist. Joanna is also dead, Shin-Ra collapsed but was rebuilt by Loki and the Sourceworlder and Azumi are both in prison.

Planets in the FWoaN Universe:

1.6.1 FWoaN GAIA

Other Media: For Want of a Nail
Dominant Species: humans

Similar in geography to Gaia, but with a few changes due to the effects of the changed timeline.

Places on FWoaN Gaia


Classed as: City

Where the first part of the story takes place. Contains the personal quarters of President Insanity, the New Shin-Ra HQ, the science department and the prison cells. Very heavily defended. Mostly white.


Classed as: lake

A massive lake implied to be the crater from the Meteor impact. Much of New Midgar is actually underneath this lake.


Game: First Game
Fiction of Origin: Combat Dome

A Universe created by the Gamemaster, apparently just to entertain him. It would also appear that he tired of it easily. It is from here that Nibbles the Goat originates.

Planets in the Game Universe:

1.7.1 The GAME WORLD

Game: First Game
Dominant Species: Originally humans, then amoebae (by default), then ape-like primitives.

A world very similar to modern-day Earth, but more entertaining. Magic exists, in fact everyone seems to have some, whether they?re native to the universe or not. The Universe has undergone extreme changes since the beginning of the Game, due to a really big rock hitting it very hard and wiping out all native life bar three humans and some deep-sea amoebae. There may be other inhabitable planets nearby, however - the rocket launched pre-apocalypse had livestock in it…

Places on the Game World


Classed as: City

A gated city where Zion and Goat meet, and where Goat falls to the Coma Sickness. Has it's own witch, and market.


Classed as: City

Where Springheel's trans-dimensional portal drops him. Has its own alchemist. Possibly where Lazarus lives.


Game: FFVII Game
Fiction of Origin: JK Rowling's Harry Potter Series

Bugenhagen steals a wand from here.


Game: FFVII Game
Fiction of Origin: Douglas Adams's Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series

The Sourceworlder mentions visiting here.


Other Media: It Runs in the Family
Fiction of Origin: a dream had by Calum

A universe apparently identical to the FFVII Universe, apart from the outcome and aftermath of a single decision of Loki's. Interesting, if for no other reason, as a case study of an alternate-choice parallel universe linked to the very universe in which Hojo claimed there was no such thing.

Planets in the It Runs in the Family Universe:

1.10.1 IRitF Gaia

Other Media: It Runs in the Family
Dominant Species: humans

Identical in geography and (from what we can tell) in most of history to Gaia.

Places on IRitF Gaia


Classification: still city

Where the entire story happens.


Other Media: For Want of a Nail
Fiction of Origin: For Want of a Nail

Originally a shadowverse, it became 'canon' when Bob from the FWoaN universe interfered with the timelines, preventing Loki from going to Muddy Mugs coffee house. As such he never got the Ifrit materia and died as a result. The Meteor struck, the WRO went bankrupt, Joanna died, the Sourceworlder died (leading to a knock-on effect on many other universes) and Rebecca Ericho made a living selling Bonsai trees.


Other Media: For Want of a Nail
Fiction of Origin: For Want of a Nail

Originally a shadowverse, it became 'canon' when President Insanity from the FWoaN universe interfered with the timelines, killing Brall. As a result, Loki never learned to hate Shin-Ra and became evil. Very similar to the FWoaN universe.


Other Media: For Want of a Nail
Fiction of Origin: For Want of a Nail

Created when President Insanity from FWoaN got tired of interfering subtly and decided to just teach his younger self to be evil. Not much is known of how this universe turned out.


Other Media: For Want of a Nail
Fiction of Origin: For Want of a Nail

Originally a shadowverse, it began vying for canonicity with the Muddy-mugs-burnt-down universe after Bob from FWoaN interfered again, starting a brawl inside Muddy Mugs. Quite similar to the Loki-is-dead universe.


Other Media: For Want of a Nail
Fiction of Origin: For Want of a Nail

Originally a shadowverse, it began vying for canonicity with the Loki-was-killed-in-a-bar-brawl universe after President Insanity from FWoaN interfered again, paying Enrico Spike to kill Bob. Enrico accidently burnt down the entire coffee house, meaning Loki never got the Ifrit materia and the universe became very similar to the Loki-is-dead universe.


Other Media: The Life of Joanna Hojo-Be-Damned Whatyoulike
Fiction of Origin: J.R.R Tolkein's "The Lord of the Rings" novels.

The Sourceworlder appears to have visited here, possibly accidentally.

Planets in the LOTR Universe

1.16.1 Middle Earth

Other Media: TLoJH-B-DW
Dominant Species: Humans, elves, dwarves, and a whole bunch of even weirder creatures.

The Sourceworlder has been here and notes the similarity between its elves and Gaia's cetra.


Other Media: The Combat Dome and InfoDome sites
Fiction of Origin: Combat Dome

Pending catchier title. A meta-universe created to house our Site Trivia.

Planets in the Metaverse

1.17.1 The Metaworld

Other Media: Combat Dome; InfoDome
Dominant Species: Unknown

A world about which essentially nothing is yet known.

Places on the Metaworld


Classification: Dome

A dome (possibly of the VR Gaming kind) designed for combat to take place within it. A drawing on the Combat Dome site shows trench warfare taking place within it.


Classification: Road

A highway which links the Combat Dome to the Info Dome. Has its own theme song. Two theme songs, technically, as the lyrics change a bit depending which way you're driving down it.


Classification: Dome

More pacifistic sister dome to the Combat Dome, which has devoted itself to the amassing of knowledge. Pictured in a drawing on the original Info Dome site as a big blue hemisphere with 'Info Dome' written on it, and an opening to allow the Highway access. It also presumably has a kitchen, or at least a fridge


Game: FFVII Game
Fiction of Origin: None… probably.

The Sourceworld is the heart and centre of the multiverse. It is from here that all other universes ultimately sprout - created through the power of the imagination of the Sourceworld's inhabitants. It is implied that the Sourceworld is the universe in which you are currently sitting - Yes, you. You, there. You! That's right. Pay attention. - but that is a boat which we will elect not to rock.
May Be The Same As: Springheel Jack's Universe

Planets in the Sourceworld:

1.18.1 Earth


Game: FFVII Game
Dominant Species: Humans… apparently.

This is where the Sourceworlder hails from, and is also seen in the epilogue. Chances are you know what Earth is like already.
May Be The Same As: Springheel's Earth

1.19 Springheel Jack's Universe

Game: First Game
Fiction of Origin: English folklore

Only seen in the epilogue, this appears to be remarkably similar to our own universe, although with weaker walls (two portals to the Game World open in the course of the Game).
May Be The Same As: The Sourceworld

Planets in Springheel Jack's Universe:

1.19.1 Springheel's Earth

Game: First Game
Dominant Species: humans, although Jack himself dominates them quite a bit…

The world which Springheel lives on (whether or not he's a native is debatable). When seen, it is in the mid-Victorian era and inhabited by people who explain odd occurrences away with the line "It was probably God. Or dragons."
May Be The Same As: Earth

Places on Springheel's Earth


Classification: city

Resembles Victorian London. Where Springheel probably lives. He can jump over all the buildings in it.


Game: FFVII Game
Fiction of Origin: The Star Wars franchise

Bugenhagen travels here to steal some weapons.

1.21 The Three-legged Aliens' Universe

Game: FFVII Game
Fiction of Origin: unknown, possibly Rowan's imagination

The Sourceworlder mentions visiting here on his first trans-dimensional trip.

Planets in the Three-legged Aliens' Universe:

1.21.1 Three-legged Aliens' World

Game: FFVII Game
Dominant Species: Three-legged Aliens

The Sourceworlder wound up here and was declared a god, leading to his being almost crucified because the inhabitants feel no pain and see personal injury as a sign of power.


Game: FFVII Game
Fiction of Origin: Norse Mythology

Hojo mentions visiting here, and it is the universe via which the FFVII and FFX universes are linked. Hojo describes it as "The world of Norse Mythology", although it is unclear whether this includes all of Norse mythology or just the bits of it that take place in the realm of Valhalla. He also notes that "The natives have some strange customs".


Game: FFVII Game
Fiction of Origin: The Doctor Who franchise

Bugenhagen visits here to steal a prototype reality bomb with which to destroy Deepground.

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