Fridge Horror

Sometimes opening a fridge can be a traumatic experience. Sometimes there's a half-eaten tuna sandwich in there that's rapidly growing a new civilisation. Other times, there's something even worse. In this section of the Fridge, such thawed-out nightmares can gather and grow.

First Game

  • Lazarus comes back from the dead after everything else in the world apart from a few underwater microbes has died. Given it's not conceivably possible to survive on underwater microbes, he presumably died of hunger repeatedly until larger animals evolved. This on its own is pretty bad, but then we reach the issue of what happens when there are larger animals to feed on - he is the self-proclaimed 'Teacher' of life on this planet. So he's eating his own students.


  • Loki (and presumably Brall and Bob) appear to still be conscious and capable of whispering after their death. Only trouble is, they've already been buried. Ten years ago.
  • The Sourceworlder has chosen to stay in a world inhabited by people he knows to be fictional, including several whose lives he himself has been responsible for guiding… and screwing up. Sure, it's kinda sweet, but it's got to be pretty darn awkward talking to them…

Strand Theory

You think the idea that all works of fiction exist for real somewhere is kinda cool? You may change your mind when you consider that the following are all, technically speaking, works of fiction:

  • Fanfic. Even the really bad ones.
  • Porn. Even the really depraved stuff.
  • Chain letters.
  • Momentary sexual fantasies.
  • Momentary violent fantasies.
  • Just… momentary fantasies in general.
  • The work of Jodi Picoult and other such misery stories.
  • The "bad" endings to video games.
  • Brain-hemorrhagingly bad sequels.
  • Nightmares.
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