Curses, Spoiled Again: Other Media

A list of tantalising hints about upcoming Combat Dome Other Media. Enjoy!

The Domes
Type: Fanfiction / Semi-Canon

A team of super-human warriors a thousand years in the future is sent to investigate a disturbance coming from another world. They arrive to find two enourmous domes (and, of course, a highway). What mind-bending horrors will they discover? Tune in next we- Err, I mean… Read it to find out…

The Anomolous Items Bureau
Type: Unknown. Possibly a spin-off…

In an infinite multiverse, anything can happen. That doesn't mean that anything is possible. Here at the AIB, we have one purpose and one alone, to which we dedicate our all. Wherever and whenever an impossible object should appear, the Bureau ensures that, somehow, it doesn't appear there for very long. Whatever it takes, we will give. Whatever it needs, we will supply. We contain. We protect. We care.
The Anomalous Items Bureau. Because Some Stuff Is Just Weird.

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