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This page hosts a collection of spoilerrific facts which don't fit in the other categories. Feel free to add any random facts about upcoming games, or just marvel at the insane imaginative brains of those in charge.

The Black Towers
Game: Neverlution
The black Towers are ominous obelisks scattered throughout the world after the apocalypse. There seems to be one at the heart of almost every village and occasionally a faint red glow pulses in the top part… The people of the world worship them, praying to these towers for food, or to ward off the wolves howling outside their gates every night, begging to come in…

A Brief History of Conflict on Diversity
Game: Swords, Sorcery and Shotguns
As is only to be expected on a world with so many different races, viewpoints and species, Diversity has seen conflict. The earliest war to gain a significant level of documentation was the Great Necromancer Uprising, in which a rogue member of one of the dominant races (usually a faerie or a human, always something other than the species of whoever wrote the history book) objected to the worldwide ban on necromancy and, with a secret army of undead, succeeded after many years in securing for himself a sizeable chunk of land in which he could do whatever he wanted, provided he left everyone else alone. Shortly afterwards there came the rise of the Tokkalottian Empire amongst the humans, which overthrew the then-ruling house of Jehoiachin until King Vicious Bacharratt ascended the throne and decided to free the Jehoiachin house and restore it to some power. Vicious Bacharratt was immediately killed by his brother Nasty Bacharratt, and the Bacharratt/Jehoiachin feud continued for three years until the house of Pendragon came out of nowhere and wiped the floor with them both. Not long after these events it was agreed by unanimous assent that an impartial ruler should be placed over all of Diversity to judge all conflicts in fairness and thus prevent any further wars, and this worked perfectly with no wars of the same scale ever again breaking out… until now.

The Drow
Game: Swords, Sorcery and Shotguns
The Drow are such an inescapable paragon of normal, familiar, stereotypical RPG gaming that it seemed inevitable that our local Stupidity Point-outer and Pratchett fan would've thought to include them somewhere on Diversity. However, the nature of elves in this universe (about as friendly as in Celtic Mythology on a fairly bad day) there isn't the same niche for a darker, un-bowdlerised form of elf. Nonetheless, there are stories occasionally, mostly amongst superstitious humans, that the fairies have somewhere a secret, dark realm where twisted, dark-skinned fairy variations hide from the rest of the world…

Fiddler's Green
Game: Swords, Sorcery and Shotguns
There is a place called Fiddler's Green. It seems to be connected, somehow, to the universe of Diversity. But the myths that surround it are many and contradicting, agreeing on nothing but the name. One of the more prominent stories claims that Fiddler's Green is a pocket universe, or parasite universe, from which the fairies draw their otherworldly power. Another claims that sailors and seafarers who escape the fate of the Rotten Sea go to Fiddler's Green instead. One thing that is for sure is that people are still the same. They'll do anything to get what they need. And what some of them need is Fiddler's Green…

Game: Swords, Sworcery and Shotguns
There are many religions on the world of Diversity. Due to the build-up of raw narrative energy caused by having so many fiction-references in one world, many of these religions have become, to some extent, true, which as you can imagine complicates the issue of finding the One True Faith. Necrocomianism is concerned with a race of gods who have been somehow shut out of the world of the living. Necrocomianists believe this is not fair, and should be rectified as soon as possible. Unfortunately, no-one seems to know how such a situation could be rectified. Well. Almost no-one…

A Note About God
Game: Neverlution
God exists. Within the world of this game, that is an indisputable fact. Those who dispute it are smoten by thunderbolts mere secconds later. Clearly, this is proof… However, if God does exist, why did He allow the apocalypse in the first place? Why didn't he smite the people who caused it? Why didn-
We apologise for the inconvenience in this incomplete entry but this user is now fused to his keyboard by massive current to the face.

The Rotten Sea
Game: Swords, Sorcery and Shotguns
Sailors, as you may know, are a superstitious bunch. This is true the multiverse over. But on the world of Diversity in the SS&S universe, they may have good reason. It is said that there is a place known as the Rotten Sea to which a sailor's soul is condemned should he fail to respect the sea in this world. So whatever you do, never take a woman on board. Never sail in an unchristened boat. And for pity's sake never, ever shoot an albatross…

Three Men In A Pub
Game: Neverlution
"It began, as these things often do, with a meeting of three men in a pub. They had a few pints, chatted amiably, shared a bag of Cheese and Onion Crisps and plotted the downfall of mankind…"

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