Curses, Spoiled Again: Games

Extra info on upcoming, or unfinished, or only-just-thought-up-and-possibly-not-happening Combat Dome games.

Swords, Sorcery and Shotguns
Or: A Hundred and One Reasons Why 'War and Peace' Would Have Been Better if Tolstoy had Included Magic

The ongoing current game, and the first foray into GMing for Calum. Set on a comic fantasy world parodying Arthurian Legend, Celtic Myth, Tolkein, Lovecraft, and (oddly) S.T. Coleridge. Both the Gamemaster and the Jokester make occasional cameo appearances in the game itself. While not quite the original intention, the world's creator seems to have made it (with a little help from his friends) into one huge trans-dimensional Twenty-Seven Gambit Pileup, some sides of which still haven't turned up.

Black Dwarf: Watch This Space

Set in a universe like, yet unlike, that of the sci-fi-sit-com-cum-com-drama Red Dwarf. All of the major characters from the show (or parallel versions of them) will appear… eventually. Will aim to contain at least one reference to every single episode of the original show, somewhere.

Quantum of Solitude
An RPG in N Dimensions

A game which is planned to take place at some point in the distant future, possibly on some significant anniversary of the founding of Combat Dome. Will feature references to every other Combat Dome game up until then, and will also heavily feature and expand upon the laws of Strand Theory. It is currently intended that all player characters should be previous player characters from previous games. The Sourceworlder, Nibbles and some other important NPCs will also return.

The Future's Bright…
A game currently in suspended animation. New plans are forming for a more computer related game than was previously conceived, however the basic concept will be the same.
Please LOGIN to continue living……………………

You Wake Up In A Room
An abnormally cerebral and artistic game that Calum may or may not at some point actually subject people to as an art piece and creative exercise. You don't know how you got here. You don't know where 'here' is. You don't know if you're the only one around, or even whether there's ever been anyone else. All you know is that you were asleep, and now you're here.
You wake up in a room. And then things get really creepy…

Are you... A CHAMPION?!

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