Characters: Zion

Full name: Zion
Game: First Game
Played By: "Moose"
Villainy Status: Hero
Kill Count: 1 mutant monster
Death Count: 0 (probably)

Named after an ancient city. No apparent reason why.

A mysterious drifter who turned up mysteriously in the city of Desnah looking for the buried cash and his parter, Goat. He then went to the local marketplace, where he learned of a space centre to the south of the city, and sat down to wait for his partner (causing major pedestrian congestion). After a while he left the city and met a new partner, one Billy Bo Bangles, with whom he destroyed a mutant monster, smoked some strength-enhancing drugs, found a mysterious egg which he sold to a local witch for an Autolife spell, and eventually went to investigate the space centre.

On the way his partner fainted and he was alerted by a siren to the oncoming meteor. Dragging Billy behind him, he climbed onboard the animal-storing bay of a rocket which was then launched. It is unknown whether they landed on an inhabitable planet before they both died from lack of oxygen.

Personality and Traits:
Is easily bored and looks on life with a sort of light-hearted, foul-mouthed humour. Has the gift of short-range teleportation and can turn himself to stone on a whim. Also an able fighter with his masamune.

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