All currently available information about this Female Fairy character from SS&S has been lifted directly from the Character Profile.

Xylia very rarely appears as herself, preferring to take a variety of different forms, her current favorite a young, violet-eyed redhead with a penchant for pyromania. Combined with the level of magical power Xylia will occasionally reveal, this has led to the - completely misled - belief that she has been at least partially responsible for several city-wide fires. It's complete falsehood if you ask her though.

Other forms will be described as needed. Due to the nature of Xylia's magic, these illusions cannot extend far beyond the base form of the target.

The epitome of a trickster, with very little in the way of a true moral compass - at least what most mortals call a moral compass. However, by the very nature of what she is, she rarely reveals that fact. To almost everyone who meets her, although her illusions generally mean people who do never know that they met her, she is a young, playful soul who loves practical jokes but stops short of hurting people with them. Has recently regained a 'normal' - inverted for her species - moral compass.

She loves to socialise and is very good at it, and her nature leads her to cultivate these social links. You never know when you might need a good friend/hiding place/weapons merchant/money supplier/etc.

Xylia, as a Fae, has had decades to refine her craft and has chosen to follow a path that enhances her natural abilities. At a very young age, she voluntarily gave up the ability to weave elflocks in exchange for the power to create the tactile illusions that she uses so often. Due to their less dangerous nature, these illusion's only constraint is that they cannot be woven around someone who has expressly told the caster that they do not wish it.

Combined with these illusions is an array of varied magical abilities, most of which have practical purposes outside of their use in combat.

Through long interaction with various entities outwith her universe, she has obtained a rather strange bag. This bag's sole difference from normal bags is the mysterious fact that one of its small compartments is constantly full of Skittles. No one - not even the extra-universal entities - really know how this works, their best guess is that it's somehow connected to a Skittles factory. Could have something to do with Mars Inc. current profit margins…

Optional Random Information:
Xylia is a member of the Seelie Court, drawn to spring and summer, cool sun and vivid beauty. This, however, has occasionally proved somewhat problematic in certain places, as has her avid fascination with the esoteric.

New information:

Has currently been killed twice, resurrected, sent to the Moon and then helped summon the Doctor through a massive inter-dimensional crack in reality which has been mostly fixed by someone who appears to be Rapunzel (from Tangled). Has also been kind of…reintegrated with her good side after it was sealed away in a calculator for approximately three centuries. Also almost drowned a dimension in lolcats. Is currently in the process of attempting to come back to life again after effectively suicide-charging one of the most powerful people in Faerie Nobility.

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