Characters: Von Insanity III

Full Name: Ryuu Osamu Von Insanity III
Game: FF VII Game
Played by: NPC
Kill Count: 0, although he probably had a hand in many.
Death Count: 0, probably.
Villainy Status: Villain

Taken directly from a dream had by Calum. An example of the 'senex iratus' stock character (dominating father)

Not actually seen in the game, but referenced several times. Husband of Azumi and father of Loki. It is noted that he is not good at looking after people unlike Azumi, and Loki compares him to Hojo more than once. Azumi's house also contains several torture devices owned by her ex-husband in the basement.

Personality and Traits
Unknown, but he handed his son over to Hojo when said son was about thirteen years old, funds Shin-Ra's science department and has a torture dungeon, so we're guessing he aint pleasant.

Other Von IIIs
Von III is the main villain of It Runs in the Family, which delves deeper into his character and has him abusing Azumi, being attacked by Loki and eventually being locked in a cupboard by Brall and left to the Meteor.
Another Von appears in the starting universe of For Want of a Nail, having been ironically imprisoned in President Insanity's own torture dungeon. He breaks out along with the Sourceworlder, and attacks President Insanity, but is killed by Bob.

Is the main villain of a short story written by Calum, based on a dream he had about Loki. In this story, he is killed by the Meteor strike after being locked in a cupboard in his own home.

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