Characters: The Sourceworlder

Full Name: Calum P Cameron (The P probably standing for Player-Character)
Game: First Game
Played By: NPC
Villainy Status: in the game, Hero
Kill Count: Probably 0 (Game), At least 1 (Other Media)
Death Count: 0

Based on a Combat Dome member. The title and the fact that he journeys through realities is a pun on 'Journey of the Sorceror'.

After winning the Game, Calum went on to become a prolific author with his books about his Player-Character Loki. Discovered the secret of trans-universal travel, and, after visiting various other fictional worlds, ended up in the universe of the Game. Was able to help Loki due to his prior knowledge of what happened, and also tells him he will die, and gives him a fortune for his friends and family.

Seen in the climax explaining to Loki why this battle is so important; reading the original script of Springtime for Springheel in the Fort with Joanna; and in the epilogue with Azumi, reading the first verse of Flanders Fields at the memorial service for Loki's army.

Decides to stay in the FFVII universe at the end, as Earth was torn apart by nuclear war.

In the Life of Joanna Hojo-Be-Damned Whatyoulike:
TLoJH-B-DW seems to be canon, and in it the Sourceworlder apparently arrives on Gaia accidentally, some time before the evolution of ordinary humans, when it was run by the Cetra. How exactly he got from there to the same world in the time of the Game is so far unknown. We are also given a flashback to his time on Earth during the war, in which he is a propaganda writer for the British Army, who seem to be mainly fighting the Americans. His home and family were destroyed by enemy bombing, but his trans-dimensional travel device was saved and he activated it at some point afterwards, taking him to the domain of the Game World's Death, where he accidentally caused a fall-out between him and Lazarus…

Personality And Traits:
Has prescience of everything that will happen due to his prior knowledge of the Game. Seems genuinely apologetic about what will happen to Loki. Also seems to have become generally a nicer person with time. Appears to have developed a strange liking for Whisky (either that or he was just humouring Azumi).

Other Sourceworlders
In For Want of a Nail, the Sourceworlder arrives in what should be the FFVII universe to find history has been changed and the Game did not go as it should have. Curiously, the game's outcome changing should also have changed the memories of its players, yet this Sourceworlder remembers how the Game was meant to go. The simplest explanation is that our Sourceworld was made to swap places with a Shadowverse of itself, but the Sourceworlder, having been through so many different universes, wasn't picked up, by quantum or whatever, as being part of the Sourceworld.

He also mentions, when history is changed again, that in the new new timeline he was killed in the battle Loki was meant to lead. Here he is only able to prevent himself ceasing to exist through technological trickery.

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