Characters: The Mysterious Glass Wizard

Full Name: Unknown
Other Media: The Combat Dome blog 'Americans'
Played By: Calum
Villainy Status: Hero
Kill Count: 0
Death Count: 0

The 'Mysterious Glass Wizard' turned up for a few posts on a single Combat Dome blog and then vanished again. The situation arose that, after a while of trading George Bush quotes with other CD members, The Founder of Combat Dome (that is, Rowan) ordered a toast: "To Bushisms". The CD member of many names but who is recorded elsewhere on this wiki as 'Moose' raised his glass and agreed: "To Bushisms!" before wondering "Where did I get a glass from?" Our Founder told him that "A wizard did it" and Moose responded "Thank you, Mysterious Glass Wizard!" At which point local Stupidity Point-Outer Calum, apparently assuming the role of the wizard through RPG-magic, replied "You're welcome", before conjuring a milkshake out of nothing. When Moose objected, the Wizard eventually agreed to give him a milkshake as well, grudgingly ("I already gave you a glass!").

Personality and Traits:
Able to spontaneously conjure glasses and milkshakes from nowhere. Rather polite for a wizard, but does complain when asked to do someone two favours in a row. Very secretive, apparently, as no-one has heard from him since.

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