Characters: The Jokester

Full Name: unknown
Game: First Game; several possible cameos in FFVII Game and DD&D
Played By: Calum
Villainy Status: who knows?
Kill Count: none…probably.
Death Count: none…probably.

Seems to have a similar relationship with the Gamemaster to that which exists between the Creator and the Trickster in Terry Pratchett's 'The Last Continent', hence the similar name. It is also appropriate given He does seem to treat everything as a joke. While the Gamemaster's duties mimic those of the GM, the Jokester's duties have so far mimicked those of the Stupidity Point-Outer… and indeed, He is played by CD's resident Stupidity Point-Outer. The 'Trickster God' is also a common religious figure (examples include Coyote, Loki, Pan etc).

May not actually exist… it's hard to tell. There appears in the First Game to be a secondary Gamemaster, not powerful enough to control the whole world but able to control Springheel and his immediate surroundings (including, at one point, Death) and to converse, directly and somewhat irreverently, with the Gamemaster. In subsequent games there have also been points where someone appears to be talking directly to the Gamemaster with some irreverence, as well as small interventions on the narrative, especially during the Gamemaster's period of unconsciousness during DD&D, when the Jokester apparently created tumbleweed and a mobile phone from nowhere. However, in all games after the First Game, Calum has tended mostly to talk through his Player-Character, rather than using the Jokester to describe, in third-person, his PC's actions.

It may be worthy of note that the Jokester is played by Calum, who by his own admission is only there because Combat Dome needed a non-RPG-player to keep everyone else grounded by pointing out how stupid the RPG-playing world is - a job which, for a while, he neglected to perform. This period was most noticeable toward the end of the FFVII game. He seems, however, to have regained this habit with the lack of Gamemaster in DD&D. It is possible to derive, therefore, that the Jokester's power is inversely proportional to that of the Gamemaster.

There have been many theories about the relationship between The Gamemaster and The Jokester, including The Good Gamemaster Relationship, The Good Jokester Relationship, The God/Satan Relationship, The Order/Chaos Relationship and The Two Gamers on a Couch Relationship.

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