Characters: The Gamemaster

One Potential Picture of The Gamemaster

Full Name: Who knows…
Game: All
Played By: So far only Rowan
Villainy Status: Debateable…
Kill Count: Likewise…
Death Count: 0. Probably.

The name comes from the common RPG-circle practice of refering to the person in control of the narrative and NPCs as 'the Game Master'. The Gamemaster's role in-universe is essentially the control of narratives and NPCs. It has been noted that His characterisation is similar to the traditional view of the 'Abrahamic God' (a common religious figure, examples include Allah, YHWH, etc). The one important difference is that the Abrahamic God tends to be portrayed as omnibenevolent. The Gamemaster is most certainly not.

The Gamemaster is the supreme being of Combat Dome. He (if indeed it is a He) has so far influenced events on an unidentified Game World which He created for this purpose; the FFVII world of Gaia; the Discworld (to the extent of spawning the DD&D universe from Discworld canon); and, partly, on what appears to be our own universe…

Personality and Traits:
Likes to screw with the histories of various universes, apparently purely for the purposes of entertainment. Pays little or no attention to the laws of time (how long something takes to occur depends on how long it takes to write down) and has been known to make life (and for that matter death) difficult for reasonably-innocent individuals. In extreme circumstances, He is willing to obliterate all civilised life on an entire planet. However, He isn't all bad, intervening in the First Game to save the main characters (from a tragedy which, admittedly, He started) and occasioanlly giving PCs hints on what to do or not do. Has an obvious sense of humour.

Shakespeare once said that the gods played games with the fates of men. The Gamemaster, however, has been known to play games with the fates of gods…

The Gamemaster has a… complicated relationship with his fellow omnipotent entity, 'the Jokester'. Theories concerning this relationship include The Creator/Trickster Relationship The Good Gamemaster Relationship, The Good Jokester Relationship, The God/Satan Relationship, The Order/Chaos Relationship and The Two Gamers on a Couch Relationship.

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