All currently available information about this Manxome Foe character from SS&S has been lifted directly from the Character Profile.

Weak black metallic outer skin covered by a large overcoat with a black Stetson.
Doesn't like Mondays or Tuesdays or wed… What the heck any day with an ‘a’ in it. Don’t wake unless you want to lose your heads. VEGATERIAN.
Blind fury whenever the Stetson is touched. "You will end up in orbit."
Twisted sight allowing sight and perception of extra dimensions.
Optional Random Information:
Once years ago lived normally but then was offered the chance at almost complete immortality. The combination of the Stetson and the magical metallic outer casing has kept Temporis alive since the dawn of time. The last person to try and remove the Stetson is currently in orbit. Oh and the Stetson is called Tetriana

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