Characters: Teatime

Full Name: Jonathan Teatime (Teh-ah-tim-eh)
Game: Dungeon Dimensions and Dragons
Played By: Craig
Kill Count: 3 (Imp y Celyn, a cabin boy, and a ship's captain)
Death Count: Er… 1?
Villainy Status: Villain

Taken directly from the Discworld novel 'Hogfather'.

Mr and Mrs Teatime were killed by a very nasty accident shortly after they had their first son. The accident in question was named Jonathan, and appears to have been raised by the Assassin's Guild after his parents' deaths. His last contract, taken out by the Auditors, was to inhume the Hogfather, which he almost managed, before dying, being revived by Archchancellor Ridcully, trying to kill Death and dying again.

At the start of the Game, Teatime is still dead, but he is almost immediately ressurected by the Auditors' swirly vortex of darkness, and heads off to his old Guildhouse. Shortly afterwards he seemingly joins some army or other, kills several people, and winds up in Quirm with Igor and Lu Tze. After this he is never seen again, and his resurrection was edited out of history by Lu Tze later on.

Personality and Traits:
Either completely insane or dangerously super-sane. It's hard to tell which. Takes a certain delight in causing a particularly horrible death. Knows how to kill everyone on the Disc - even anthropomorphic personifications.
Can thrust a knife through several layers of clothing and stop it just as it pricks the flesh, can backflip off thin air, can remain in the air for a few seconds before falling (Wile E Coyote anyone?) and can kill so fast others don't notice it until they hear the body hit the ground.

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