Tamel Stoneshaper

All currently available information about this Dwarfish Female character from SS&S has been lifted directly from the Character Profile.

Slightly shorter than the average dwarf, it is difficult to tell at first sight Tamel’s actual gender. A roughly pleated beard covers the majority of her face and chest, obscuring her femininity (the armour she usually wears isn’t much help either). Her hair is brownish-red in colour and tinted a dull copper.
Likes her beer and her men but, due to her rather masculine appearance, has more luck with the former than the latter. Generally friendly (and flirty), her mood quickly sours when people mistake her as male and/or question her femininity.
Due to her dwarven ancestry, Tamel has an innate resistance to some forms of magic. While it won’t help her from surviving a fireball to the face, she does have the ability to see through most illusions and is resistant to slow-acting harmful magic.
Foregoing the typical dwarven battleaxe (though she is able to wield it to some degree), Tamel has greater skill with slightly more unusual forms of weaponry. Her current favourite is a polearm with which she is capable of performing some impressive acrobatic feats. She also has some skill with a rifle but much prefers to get up close and personal in her fights.
Optional Random Information:
Has a secret fondness for fine wine. Coming from a long line of jewellers/stonemasons she has some expertise in the craft. Despite being a reasonable cook, any of her attempts to bake bread or other dough-based pastry inexplicably results in baked goods as hard as rock and stronger than steel.

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