Characters: Springheel Jack

Full Name: Springheel Jack
Game: First Game
Played By: Calum
Villainy Status: Antihero/Villain, albeit a loveable one
Kill Count: 1 bandit
Death Count: 0

Taken directly from English folklore. Some personality elements apparently taken from a 'Mad Clown' named Jack in Power Stone 2 ("Want more shiny things… wanna cut up more…") who was in turn based on real-life crazed criminal Jack the Ripper.

Born and raised in London, Earth, very little of Jack's history is revealed in the game, except that he spent most of it commiting rape, arson or GBH.
Shortly before the beginning of the game, a freak inter-dimensional portal transported Jack, along with several other Londoners, to the parallel world in which the game takes place, dropping him in a back alley in the city of K'than.

After recovering, Jack's first action was to find and rape a lost Londoner girl, contracting an STI in the process, and then to jump onto the nearest roof, where he encountered the immortal asassin Lazarus, from whom he learnt of $30 billion in cash buried somewhere, and Jack decided to team up with him, after establishing that it was easier than raping or killing him, and that it would at least give him someone to play leapfrog with. Immediately after, Lazarus went into a mysterious trance.

After waiting beside his new partner for some time, entertaining himself in a variety of oddly sophisticated ways, Jack was pleased to see Lazarus emerge from his trance, and only slightly irritated when he was told off for his raping habits. They then left the city, where they were attacked by a bandit, whom they easily dispatched, although Lazarus was injured and soon fell unconscious. Jack looted the body and retrieved £10 and an aerial acrobatics guide, before eventually abandoning his partner and leaving for the mountains.

In the mountains, Jack was bored by the lack of anything interesting to do, until he met and befriended a young mountain goat named Nibbles. The two soon formed a bond, and Nibbles managed to convince Jack to try digging for treasure as an alternative to raping leopards. This led to Jack discovering the first and, as it turned out, only section of the map to the $30 billion to be found.

Afterwards, Springheel and Nibbles went in search of food, and were therefore on the mountainside when the apocalyptic comet entered the atmosphere. At a warning from Nibbles, Jack performed the first escape manoevre that came to mind: Jump really high. Both he and his goat would surely have been fried, had another portal not opened spontaneously, transporting him and Nibbles back to London, Earth.

Upon waking up, Jack assumed that his adventures must have been a dream, even when he discovered the items he collected in the alternate reality, and went back to his old life.

Personality and traits:
Jack is described as an 'insane madman who enjoys jumping a little more than is normal.' He appears to have a very immature, amoral way of thinking, and a very twisted sense of dignity, and also acts on spontaneous ideas as soon as he has them.
However, underneath this exterior, it appears that Jack has a sophisticated, human, almost noble soul. While waiting for Lazarus to leave his trance, and later throughout the game, he draws a detailed sketch of London in the dust, writes a musical about his life (which he then sings with Lazarus), whistles several songs and reads The Complete Works of Tolstoy (which he says isn't very well-written). He also leaves Lazarus on the basis that the latter can't sing and isn't very well-learned, and seems to show genuine concern over Nibbles's wellfare.

He has the ability to jump uncannily high and far, and fights with sharp metal claws.

In the comments under the Combat Dome photo of a sign saying 'Tresspassers will be shot, survivors will be shot again' are a number of scenarios involving what happens to people who survive all of the above, the last of which involves 'The immortal crotch of Springheel Jack'

Loki, also played by Calum, in the FFVII game, appears to be momentarily taken over by Springheel's mind when trying to buy some claws.

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