Characters: Shelke

Full Name: Shelke The Transparent
Game: FFVII Game
Played By: NPC
Villiany Status: Villainess (although she reforms before the epilogue)
Kill Count: over 2 (including Loki. Twice.)
Death Count: 0

Taken directly from FFVII. Name means 'orange' in portugese; all Tviet leaders are named after colours. Interestingly, hers is the only one that isn't a tautology - and the only one that doesn't mach her hair colour.

Part of a secret underground team of genetically-engineered Tsviets controlled by Hojo, Shelke appears to be only a young girl. Von Insanity, aka Loki, was sent to subdue her as a punishment mission. She once controlled a sizeable portion of the army but has had this privilage stripped. She discovered much about Loki from hacking into JANE, including that the president wanted him dead. They entered into single combat, and she killed Loki, but he was revived by a pheonix down and retaliated by shooting her in the leg and shocksticking her unconscious. What happened to her afterwards is unknown.

By the time of the final battle, Shelke has apparently been put back in charge of part of the Tsviets. Seen engaging Loki in a sabre-duel before being forced to retreat. Also seen in the epilogue, having apparently reformed, sitting next to Vincent Valentine at Loki's army's memorial service. It is unknown how long it took for her to convince them to let her in, considering how Loki died the first two times…

Personality and Traits:
Scarily inhuman, with the ability to mentally access computers. Dislikes the fact that Loki's death would help the president, but attacks him anyway. A very skilled fighter, but with little resilience compared to other genetically-engineered soldiers.

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