Characters: Shamus

Full Name: Shamus the Leprechaun
Other Media: The Combat Dome blog, 'sealed knot'
Played By: NPC
Villainy Status: Villain
Kill Count: Probably 0
Death Count: 0

In May 2008, on the comments section of a Combat Dome blog about The CD Founder's battle re-enacting, a hypothetical fight broke out which some think was in fact the Jokester temporarily taking control of the Metaverse in order to annoy the Gamemaster. If this is the case, that would make this the first instance of the Jokester actively initiating anything rather than simply screwing with a plot the Gamemaster had already set in motion.

Anyway, the fight began with what may have been the Metaverse's equivalent of Stupidity Point-Outer Calum being so unimpressed with what may have been the Metaverse's equivalent of CD Founder Rowan that he set a leprechaun named 'Shamus' on the latter. Shamus drove the Founder crazy, insisting that he burn things, and then insisitng that he burn 'yershelf!!'. Unfortunately, The Founder was out of matches, so Shamus became angry and tried to kill him in his sleep with a rusty gold knife (don't ask). The Founder retaliated by throwing Shamus at the Stupidity Point-Outer, who effortlessly caught him, patted him on the head, and then proceeded to attack the Founder.

Shamus was later seen during a lull in the fighting, riding the Stupidity Point-Outer's shoulder. He subsequently appears to have disappeared from the face of the multiverse.

Personality and Traits:
Insane and pyromanaical, which are interestingly traits shared with Loki and Springheel Jack, two other characters the Jokester seemed to have an affinity for. Not very bright. Refers to himself in the third person. Easily angered.

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