Characters: Roddy

Full Name: Roderick the lab rat
Game: FFVII Game
Played By: NPC
Villainy Status: Antihero
Kill Count: Over four, between a rampage pre-game and the final battle.
Death Count: unknown, but the highest of any in the game.

Based on the common scientific practice of genetically altering lab rats for no apparent purpose.

Before the start pf the game proper, Roddy was the genetically-engineered pet of Proffesor Von "Loki" Insanity IV. Loki entrusted Roddy with his lab while he stepped out to find a coffee shop, and Roddy subsequently escaped, caused an HIV epidemic by stabbing people with a stolen syringe, and morphed into a huge murderous monster before returning to his cage.

Loki then left Roddy in the trust of JANE, his computer, and looked in on him several times throughout the game. He has dreams of leaving his job and going abroad with Roddy and JANE.

When he learns that Deepground is gunning after him, Loki sends a messenger to fetch Roddy and some notes on his condition, intending to make his monster-form permanent and use the device extracted from Joanna to make him immortal.

Seen during the battle as the first soldier unleashed on the enemy; decapitates several Deepground soldiers and forces Azul to retreat.

Seen briefly at the end of the epilogue, now back in rat-form, tunnelling into Loki's grave in an apparent attempt to revive him.

Personality and Traits:
Far more intelligent than the average lab rat, and fairly maniacal, with little sense of morality. Has the ability to morph into an anthropophageous monster. In this form, he has immense strength and aggression and very little if any fear or inhibitions.

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