Characters: Qu

Full Name: Qu
Game: Dungeon Dimensions and Dragons
Played By: NPC
Villainy Status: Hero
Kill Count: 0
Death Count: 0

Based on Quartermaster-Major "Q" Boothroyd from Ian Flemming's James Bond novels and the film adaptations thereof.

A History Monk and old friend of both Lu Tze and the Abbot, he served as the Monks' technical expert for some time.

He was apparently sent to aid Lu Tze in his investigation into the Auditors' meddling, and set up shop inside a temple. He provided Lu Tze with a device for monitoring the Auditors' mysterious portal through which they had been reviving the dead, but said device failed to tell them anything useful. He then sent Lu Tze back in time to investigate the origins of the phenomenon. Throughout Lu Tze's investigation, he was able to conjure up whatever was needed by making a note to ask Qu to send it back in time - items acquired in this way included a permit to the Patrician's palace, an awful lot of chocolate and a group of beggars.

When it transpired that their universe was sending the Coma Sickness out into other universes, Qu attempted to isolate and block the signal, apparently to no avail. He was then called up to advise on the situation when it appeared that the Procrastinators were responsible for sending the signal, and immediately returned to Oi Dong to construct a safe way of destroying the Procrastinators and sending the resultant explosion back in time.

Personality and Traits
An eccentric genius, especially gifted at the creation of weapons. the slight downside is that even the things he makes that aren't weapons tend to be potentially deadly. Gets irritated at Lu Tze when the latter interferes with his inventing.

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