Characters: Nibbles

Full Name: Nibbles the Goat
Game: First Game
Played by: NPC
Villainy Status: Hero. Some might say THE hero.
Kill Count: 0
Death Count: 0

An example of the 'Cute Fluffy Sidekick' stock character. Named after a mouse from Tom and Jerry.

The young goat lived alone in the mountains until he met and befriended one Springheel Jack. They formed a close bond, and it was on his advice that Jack discovered the first section of the map. Nibbles manages to communicate to Jack that he is hungry, leading to then walking down the mountainside. It was then that he saw the approaching comet, and warned Springheel with a bleat. Springheel saved them both by jumping off the mountain, dragging Nibbles by his string leash, and into a portal to London, Earth. Nibbles was last seen heading for the hills just outside of London, bleating happily, aware that his part in Jack's life is over for now.

Personality and Traits:
A clever, world-wise, playful, friendly character, Nibbles is probably the only truely likeable character in the First Game. He appears to be able to communicate to humans (or at least to Jack), and is the only living thing Jack seems to have ever felt love for.

Nibbles is, presumably, the Goat which you Have to Love.

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