Characters: Loki

Full Name: Proffesor Von "Loki" Insanity IV AKA "Mitsukai"
Game: FFVII Game
Played By: Calum
Villainy Status: Henchvillain/ Tragic Villain/ Borderline/ Flawed Hero/ Hero
Kill Count: Well over 12. 1 guard hound, 1 rogue experiment, 1 unidentified individual, 1 dog-human, 1 WEAPON, 2 clones, 4 Deepground guards, many others
Death Count: probably 4

An example of the 'Mad Scientist' stock character (described pre-game as 'a mad scientist with extra madness, easy on the scientist'). Name is taken from the Norse God of mischeif with whom he shares some personality traits.

The only son of Azumi Ericho-Insanity and Ryuu Osamu Von Insanity III ('Ryuu Osamu' appears to be some sort of title). Little else is known about his early life, except that his father appeared to be abusive and he had an unfortunate romantic relationship with a girl named Emma Stewartson, which may account for the fact that the only women currently in his life are his mother, a 4-year-old and a computer. Lived in Midgar for his entire life, worked for Shin-Ra for most of it. Appears to have known Hojo for most of it as well, although it has been confirmed they are in no way related. Hojo may have been a close friend and acceptor of donations from Von III.

Von is first encountered as a loyal Shin-Ra scientist, and is quickley established as a coffee-addicted, slightly pyromaniacal insane genius. He completed his first assignment as per company procedure, killing an innocent dog on the way without apparent remorse. Afterwards, he ran into a Shin-Ra SOLDIER named Brall, whom he experimented on, accidently giving him Plant Empathy and getting found out simultaneously. He was, ironically, promoted to head of Materia Research at the same time.

As punishment, Hojo decided not to execute his old acquaintance outright, but instead to assign him to subdue a rogue Tsviet named Shelke the Transparent. He was also given a copy of the epic poem Loveless. Von was given a bike to help with his mission, which he named Mr Shiney, and grew very attached to. He descended to the Tsviet's cell, engaged her in combat and knocked her unconscious. He then escaped the underground complex and reported back to Hojo.


During his subsequent time off, Von visited the Gold Saucer amusement complex, and after a while was met once more by Hojo, and forced to test the scientist's latest monster in virtual combat, which Von won remarkably quickly. Now starting to feel less close to his employers, after trying to have him killed and all, Von decided to get out of the building and take a holiday to Cosmo Canyon. Once there, he met philosopher, scientist, ex-Shin-Ra eployee and fellow coffee-lover Bugenhagen, whom he quickly befriended. Their conversation served to cause him to further question his employers' morality.

He was subsequently sent on a mission with Hojo to investigate Sephiroth and his plans to destroy the world, and learnt of the existence of several Sephiroth clones whom Hojo had created, and something of Sephiroth's plans. Upon his arrival his dislike of Shin-Ra was amplified by a conversation with Scarlett and Hojo. He was present during the ensuing events in which Sephiroth summoned a meteor to destroy all life on the planet and the WEAPONS were unleashed.

Von was then ordered to come up with a plan to execute Shin-Ra enemies Tifa and Barret, which ultimately failed due to an attack from a WEAPON and a mutineering airship crew. Von seems to have been secretly pleased by Shin-Ra's subsequent irritation. He also was greatly pleased to get to press the button to fire the Sister Ray at WEAPON.

Afterwards, he was sent as part of Sephiroth: Team Investigation to travel to Rocket Town disguised as a biker, so that a rocket of explosives could then be fired at the oncoming Meteor. Hojo supplied him with a new bike, which he named Mr Fenrir Shiney, to travel on. At this point, on advice from Hojo, Von changed his name to Loki, since it matched the bike. He also bought a variety of semi-legal drugs from a bar for no apparent reason before setting off.


On the way, Loki encountered and helped a 4-year-old girl suffering from Geostigma, with the help of Bugenhagen. The girl turned out to be the daugther of a mayor who rewarded him, but Loki logged a message for Shin-Ra to pay the mayor back later. He also enrolled in a Missile Club, beating a member in single combat in the process.

Loki was then chased out of town by two mysterious clones, whom he eventually fought and beat. He was subsequently contacted by Hojo, who revealed that both the girl's condition and the clones had been experiments which Loki had just ruined, and that Nibelhiem, where he would be staying, was also one huge experiment which he'd better not mess up. Loki managed to control his anger at this revelation, and entered the town.

After staying the night at an inn, Loki investigated the Shin-Ra manor, where he discovered the origins of two of Sephiroth's clones. He also found a note from Hojo advising him to find and dissect a 'Specimen' and remove a 'Prototype'. Upon finding this 'Specimen', Loki discovered that it was a young girl whom Hojo had experimented on to make her immortal and give her healing powers, but at the cost of her psychological well-being. Loki's first action was to scream at nobody in particular about his newfound hatred for Hojo.

Loki subsequently took custody of the girl, left the Shin-Ra organisation, hired some bodyguards from his Missile Club, and went to see Bugenhagen, as the only human person he knew whom he deemed trustworthy. He was accosted by Shin-Ra infantry on the way, but these were easily despatched by his bodyguards. Upon arrival, he took his bodyguards, Bugenhagen, the girl, some coffee and several armoured cars and set out to round up an anti-Shin-Ra army.

On the way he and his band, save Bugenhagen, were captured by Shin-Ra Turks while on a ferry, and decided to come quietly. Loki was then put in a cell to await probably-lethal punishment by Hojo. This punishment never came, as while in the cell he saw from a video sent to him by Bugenhagen and from a subsequent news report that Hojo, along with the entire executive board of Shin-Ra, had been killed, while another band of heroes had found a way to stop Sephiroth and the Meteor. An automatic message then informed him that as of the executives' deaths, control of the company fell to a group of computers, one of whom was his own lab computer, J.A.N.E, and all of whom subsequently went temporarily offline.

After JANE came online again, she released Loki, and asked for his help in hacking into Hojo's files. Loki was able to get past the passwords using Hojo's diary and the poem Loveless, realising as he did that Hojo WANTED him to read this. He learned the details of Project Multiverse, but also found a message from Hojo, explaining that he had transferred his consciousness into JANE, and that she and Roddy would die unless Loki repaired the network. Having no other choice, Loki repaired the two broken connections, and was suddenly kidnapped by Deepground Commander Weiss The Immaculate.

Hearing Weiss speak, Loki realised that this was Hojo, reborn in a stronger, better, nastier body. He screamed rage at Hojo once more, secretly activating a wall materia, before provoking him into attacking by suggesting they settle it over coffee. Protected by the materia, Loki was able to dodge Hojo's subsequent attacks, and despatched all of his guards with an Ifrit materia, forcing Hojo to flee. Loki then escaped the complex with the help of his summons, and returned to Fort Condor, where he met up again with Bugenhagen and Brall, and learned that Deepground was now preparing for war against him and that they were both willing to help.

In preperation for the battle, Loki hired a significant army of mercenaries and sent for Roddy and some Genesis DNA samples from the ShinRa building, intending to turn the former into an immortal monster and inject the latter into Brall. Learning from his notes that to make such changes permanent would require 'The Gift of the Godess', Loki travelled to Banora and the ruins of Howling Fang, an old experimental research facility. While searching he encountered a strange old man who claimed to be his alley, and identified himself as the Sourceworlder whom Hojo mentioned in his notes as travelling to their universe from the Sourceworld (Earth).

The Sourceworlder led him to the notes on the Gift of the Godess, and returned to Fort Condor along with Loki. He later revealed to Loki that he was in fact Calum P Cameron, the person playing Loki, and revealed that Loki would not survive the battle but would 'go out in style'.

At some point he hacked into a Shin-Ra news site to mock Shin-Ra and say goodbye to Azumi. Azumi then became a target of Shin-Ra, but survived, and joined Loki at Fort Condor along with Joanna.

After completing his preperations and planning of the battle, Loki constructed a basic will, leaving money to Azumi, Bugenhagen, Vincent Valantine, the Mayor of Costa Del Sol, and the WRO, and also leaving Roddy to Bugenhagen and telling JANE she can be his as well if she wants. Interestingly enough, he doesn't mention who get's Mr F Shiney, his bike.

Seen in the final battle yelling at Hojo, taking on Nero and Shelke, dying and being resurected along with the rest of his army when he's blown apart by magic, and being killed by Hojo in a final dual. Wipes most of the opposing army from the face of the planet via his Final Attack Materia, thus strengthening the lifestream before it attacks the Meteor. His grave (made partly from a converted Mr F Shiny) is seen in the epilogue, and it is suggested at the end of this that he may in fact have been ressurected again.

Presumably died at some point without this being described, because he had an activated pheonix down when he first encountered Weiss, but had lost it by the time he took on Shelke.

Personality and Traits:
These vary erratically as Loki is clearly eccentric. However, the ones that DO remain mostly constant are his coffee addiction, his slight pyromania (he enjoys blowing things up and buys a pack of Jokerface on the basis that it is flammable), and his general friendly disrespect towards Hojo (whom he refers to as 'Your Scienceness' or 'Head Honcho' rather than use his correct title). Initially he is a classic villainous minion with few qualms about killing or stealing, although he does seem to care about his lab-rat Roderick and his computer JANE.

After Shin-Ra try to kill him, he begins to privately question his loyalty to them, and this is amplified by his meeting with Bugenhagen (he refers to them as "Them…us… Shin-Ra."). He even shows mild support of the mutineers, implying he might like to mutinee himself - which is backed up by his dream of leaving Midgar with Roddy and Jane. His later conversation with high-up Shin-Ra officials contrasts greatly with the one with Bugenhagen, and at this point his anger at the company begins to emerge.

His loyalty appears to be on the verge of breaking after he discovers Hojo's part in the girl's illness. He lodges a memo to 'have serious words with Hojo' about it, and technically refuses payment for the girl's treatment. By the time he finds the note about the 'Specimen', he seems to be ready to change sides, sensing that Hojo's plans for this 'Specimen' can not be good, that his employer is clearly even more of a complete psychopath than himself, and that the entire company hurts more people than it helps. Upon the discovery that the Specimen is a still-living young girl and the prototype is a device implanted into her to make her immortal, Loki loses his temper properly for the first time and screams the word 'HOJO!' as loud as his lungs will let him, before ranting at no-one in particular.

After leaving the company, Loki becomes more of a classic hero, looking out mainly for the girl and even thinking more logically about situations; he refuses to take on an entire roomfull of Turks for example. After being incarcerated and witnessing videos of the deaths of President Rufus, Hojo, Scarlett and Heidigger, Loki's reaction is to scream various whoops of delight and revenge, but he then sobers up afterwards.

Upon learning of Hojo's cheating of death, Loki was filled with a cold rage, but conceded to helping him rather than lose his friends. Upon meeting Hojo's new form, Loki loses his temper once again, but this time keeps his head enough to activate a protective materia and even make a cynical joke.

He grows very attached to the 'specimen' Joanna, whom he saved from Hojo. His first thought at several points in the game is how he should keep her safe, and he describes her as the daughter he would have had if a certain 'Coffee Strainer Incident' hadn't made children impossible for him.

When he learns of his upcoming death, he is surprisingly acceptant, just so long as Joanna lives longer than Hojo. During the battle he is portrayed as a classical tragic hero, and throughout the fighting his main aim seems to be to cause Hojo pain before he dies.

Loki is a fairly skilled scientific genius as well as an able fighter, although easily outclassed by the likes of Hojo or Bugenhagen.

During the final battle he was temporarily sort-of immune to Materia due to possession of the Elder Wand. His fighting ability also seemed to be much better, possibly as a result of having finally consumed the drugs he'd been carrying around.

He also has the uncanny ability to censor his own speech when he swears.

Loki was the only child of Azumi Ericho and Ryuu Osamu Von Insanity III, after whom he was named. Presumably his grandfather and great-grandfather were Von II and Von I respectively, and Ryuu Osamu may also be a hereditary title. It appears that he was given into the legal care of the Shin-Ra science department while still quite young.

On his mother's side he had at least one aunt, Azumi's little sister Xoco (revealed in FWoaN). It is implied that Xoco Ericho had a daughter - Loki's cousin - named Rebecca, whose father was an implied freedom-fighter named Hisashi. In FWoaN, Rebecca uses the surname 'Ericho' implying Hishashi either wasn't married to Xoco, divorced her, or died early. Or all of the above.

He adopts and names Joanna Hojo-Be-Damned Whatyoulike towards the end of the game. He also has fatherly instincts towards his rat, Roddy, and his computer, JANE, has motherly instincts towards him.

Other Lokis
An alternate Loki is the protagonist of It Runs in the Family, based on Calum's dream (see under Trivia). Another appears as the antagonist of For Want of a Nail. Several other universes are created and destroyed during the course of FWoaN, and in all of these Loki is either evil or dead.

It is hinted that Springheel Jack may be his own universe's equivalent to Loki, although how this works is unclear. Certainly they have vaguely similar personalities, they were both played by the same person, and they appear to swap minds at one point for a few seconds.

Calum had a dream featuring Loki, Brall, Loki's parents, Reeve Tsuetsi, and several minor characters from the game after playing the game for some time. It was revealed in this dream that Loki's abusive father was the reason for his initial immorality, having been a close friend of Hojo and a sharer of his beliefs, while his mother's influence was the source of the latent heroism inside him.
In the dream, Loki resembled a taller, mixed-race version of Calum himself (Loki's mother appears Japanese while his father appears English) with a tattered labcoat over black clothes and 'a hairstyle like a manga Einstien'.

At high school Calum was once issued a randomly-allocated password which consisted of the word 'Pheonix' - coincidently, Loki is described on his own grave as 'a shattered pheonix'.

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