Characters: Lazarus

Full name: Lazarus
Game: First Game
Played By: Craig
Villainy Status: unclear, probably antihero.
Kill Count: 1 bandit
Death Count: Unknown, presumably several million.

Shares a name and a habit of resurection with Lazarus, a friend of Jesus Christ in the Bible. The character is based on one created by Craig in a previous game (not on Combat Dome).

An assasin in the town of K'Than, his early life and how he came to hear of the $30 billion buried somewhere is unclear. He met and teamed up with Springheel Jack, before entering a trance for no apparent reason. He then left the city with Jack to search for the hidden money, whereupon he was injured in an attack from a bandit. He was able to heal himself with a potion looted from the bandit's corpse, but later collapsed into unconsciousness after being abandoned by his partner.

He was still unconscious when the apocalyptic comet hit, blowing him to smithereens, but later mysteriously rebuilt himself and aided in the evolution of the new life to crop up after the apocalypse, purely to release his boredom. During this period he died and returned several million times. An older Lazarus was later encountered (under the guise of The Teacher) by Bob, and he appears at this point to be revered as a god by the primitive life forms. He is last seen walking into the desert with Bob, grateful to finally have someone to talk to.

Personality and Traits:
He seems to be obsessed with fighting and killing, although he gets very little experience of it and his weapon of choice is a katana. According to Springheel Jack, he doesn't understand anything and can't sing a note.

He can 'cloak' for a short period of time, although he never uses this ability, and is also unable to properly die. A brief scene above the parallel city of London implies that this is because he was once romantically involved with the Grim Reaper, who now doesn't want the embarrassment of speaking to him again.

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