Characters: "Just a News Reader"

Full Name: Unknown
Game: FFVII Game
Played By: Rowan, oddly. Could also be considered an NPC.
Villainy Status: Mostly neutral
Kill Count: 0
Death Count: 1

The GM decided to supply his updates in-character as a new reader. When Loki hacked the new site he had an argument with this person, saying at one point "You're just a news reader!", hence the name.

Supplies regular updates on what's going on in Gaia during the FFVII Game. It is unclear how much of these reports is true as it later becomes clear he was only reading the Shin-Ra approved news. He argues with Loki after the latter hijacks the news site to send an insulting message to his former bosses. The newsreader was subsequently shot by a Shin-Ra good for talking to 'terrorists' and telling 'unauthorised' news. His news site was soon afterwards disconnected to 'protect from terrorist organisations'.

Personality and Traits:
Remains mostly impartial except when obviously being forced to take Shin-Ra's side. Even warns Loki that his insulting Shin-Ra via the news site was a mistake, although that may have been to mock him.

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