Characters: Joanna

Full Name: Joanna Hojo-Be-Damned Whatyoulike AKA 'The Girl' or 'Specimen 1'
Game: FFVII Game
Played By: NPC
Villainy Status: heroine
Kill Count: Probably 0
Death Count: unknown

In Roman Mythology, 'Joanna' or 'Janna' was the wife of Janus, until he betrayed her and nearly killed her, prompting her to flee. 'Ioanna', which is pronounced 'Joanna' is also the Latin for 'Jane'. Hojo-Be-Damned was added afterwards as a tribute to Loki's hatred for his former boss, while 'Whatyoulike' was, in a way, her own choice: "Call me what you like".
When first introduced she is a girl who cannot die despite experimenting with death several times. This description also matches Heroes character Claire Bennet. This may be coincidence.

Used by Hojo for experimental purposes since a very young age, Specimen 1 had a device implanted into her heart which made her immortal and accelerated her healing processes, but had the side-effect of destroying her mind. Professor Von Insanity IV, aka Loki, was sent to extract this device when she was around 4, probably as a test of his loyalty. Rather than consent to the use of underage humans as test subject, Loki took the girl and fled the company, seeking refuge with ex-scientist Bugenhagen, who was able to help her to some degree, before being taken with Loki's band to journey to Fort Condor.

The band was captured by Turks on the way, and the girl was taken to a medical department in a prison in Junon where the rest of the band was incarcerated. Before Hojo could get to them, he and the rest of the Shin-Ra executives were killed, and command of the company passed to J.A.N.E and several other computers. She was then apparently healed of her psychological affliction, and was able to talk to Loki, who named her Joanna Hojo-Be-Damned Whatyoulike.

In his posthumous message to Loki, Hojo told him that 'the girl was a mistake', but whether he intends to involve her further in his revenge against Loki is unknown. When he heard that Deepground was gunning after him, Loki organised for Joanna to be sent to his own mother, Azumi Ericho Insanity. Once her brain had recovered from her ordeals, it kept on improving until she became a child genius. Azumi was later declared a target for what was left of ShinRa, but when they turned up to kill her Joanna was able to incapacitate them with some previously-undiscovered non-materia-related magic, claiming she was 'settling a score with these goons'. Azumi and Joanna then left to join Loki in Fort Condor - shortly before the battle. Loki's last converation before the battle was a farewell to them, in which he gave Joanna his labcoat.

Seen in the climatic battle using her magic to accidently ressurect the entire protagonist army and later create puppets in the shape of Sephiroth and Angeal to fight Hojo/Weiss. Then seen surveying the carnage afterwards, and in the epilogue as a Commander in the space program of Azumi's government.

Word of the Gamemaster says that after the game she is involved in several military campaigns before the world is united under the WRO and Azumi. Joanna is then appointed as President Azumi's personal advisor, and head of the Space Exploration Program.

Personality and Traits:
Initially a typical sweet and innocent child, who has little memory of a time before 'the nasty Hojo man' started hurting her. Asks Loki to give her a name rather than decide on one herself.

Originally had the ability to heal from any injury up to and including death, but this ability was presumably removed when the device was. Later demonstrtates other abilities such as telekinetic shielding, fireballing and electrokinesis.

By this point, she has also become a child genius, probably as a result of Bugenhagen's attempted curing. Some of her initial innocence also goes - she refers to Hojo as 'The Bastard', a word even Loki hadn't called him yet.

Her original parents (or the parents of a girl presumed to be Joanna) are seen in her biography. Her mother also possessed unusual magical ability. By the time Loki meets her, she is being looked after by an unnamed man who appears to willingly allow Hojo to experiment on her. After being kidnapped by Loki she became his de facto adopted daughter. Shortly before his death, Loki entrusted her to his own mother, Azumi. After his death, she was looked after by Azumi and the Sourceworlder.

Other Joannas
In It Runs in the Family, Joanna is similarly adopted by Azumi Ericho, but does not stick around to help in the battle (which, thinking about it, may well mean that IRitF Loki's army lost). She is mentioned in For Want of a Nail as having died in all of the interfered-with timelines.

During the battle, Loki produces an iPod from nowhere in particular and plays 'Those Who Fight' for piano. 'Joanna' is an old-fashioned slang word for piano. Loki also leaves the message 'Hojo-be-Damned!' on a ShinRa news site several times before the battle.

She is one of the few people Loki mentions as deserving anything from him, since everyone else tried to kill him.

When Loki first meets her she is described as 3, but on the 10th anniversary of the Battle she is 15. Either she ages faster than humans, Loki is terrible at estimating ages, or there was more than a year between Loki's rescue of her and the battle.

In For Want of a Nail, President Insanity has a J.A.N.E-esque computer named J.O.A.N.N.A. He clearly likes the name.

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