Characters: J.A.N.E

Full name: Juvenile Automated Neurology Expert
Game: FFVII Game
Played By: NPC
Vilainy Status: Tragic Villainess/ Heroine
Kill Count: 0
Death Count: 0

An example of the 'Sentient Supercomputer' stock character (shares certain traits with V.I.K.I from i,Robot). Name based on a similar computer from Ender's Game.

A Shin-Ra lab computer, assigned to help Professor Von "Loki" Insanity IV for some unknown reason. JANE looks after Loki's lab and rat Roddy while he's on missions for Hojo. JANE is first mentioned in the game when Loki asks Roddy to order him a coffee, and JANE soon replies back with the news that she has recieved a free coffee token for Muddy Mugs Coffee Shop. Loki appears at first to treat JANE as a mere appliance, referring to her as 'That dashed computer'. She later speaks to him via a mobile link while he is attempting to find and subdue Shelke the Transparent, and reveals that Shelke has been looking through her files using her ability.
After Loki subdues Shelke, he returns to the lab, and his next encounter with JANE (in which she mistakes his lunch for an experiment) seems slightly more friendly, although it is still clear that they are not equals. Loki also later muses about leaving Shin-Ra for good and taking JANE with him in a giant USB stick.
Later, JANE goes against Shin-Ra policy to help Loki by accessing their financial records and altering them so that they owe compansation to the family of one of Hojo's experiment victims. At this point Loki treats her as more of a friend, in accordance with his having acquired a sense of morality.

After Loki and his band have been captured and taken to Shin-Ra HQ, the entire executive board of the company dies or otherwise becomes subdued for a variety of reasons. The company passes to the highest-up surviving members, all of whom are computers. In an ironic twist, it is revealed that all along, JANE was acutually superior to Loki, being Hojo's number 3, and she inherits the company along with two others. Upon learning this, Loki finally treats JANE with respect and something even approaching reverence.

With Loki's help, JANE then hacks into Hojo's private files, learning of Project Multiverse and also uncovering that Hojo's consciousness lives on - downloaded into her.

JANE later discovers that what's left of ShinRa has tried to kill Loki's mother Azumi, but not in time to help her. Loki's will mentions that if she wants she can be considered as belonging to Bugenhagen after his death.

Mentioned briefly in the post-titles sequence; in which her voice is recognised from a new FF game by Calum. At this point, she appears to be in control of the technical side of Azumi's space programme, but her exact role is not obvious.

Personality and Traits:
Being Hojo's Number 3, JANE can access pretty much all of Shin-Ra's computer network, and the only thing she seems unable to either access or hack into is Hojo's private files.

Despite being superior to him, JANE is more than happy to obey Loki's orders, and even calls him 'Sir' initially. Probably she is the nicest current member of Shin-Ra, later joint nicest with Loki, and remains loyal to her old master/friend even when she learns of him leaving the company. She also looks after Roddy better that Loki can.

Loki mentions JANE as one of the few people who might deserve something from him, given that most other people he knows have tried to kill him.

Other J.A.N.Es
J.A.N.E is briefly seen in It Runs in the Family, granting Azumi the authority to release Reeve Tsuetsi and sharing an intimate farewell with Loki. In For Want of a Nail she was killed by Hojo, but President Insanity's computer J.O.A.N.N.A (Jane Of All Natural Neuronic Affectations)was likely made as a deliberate replacement.

J.A.N.E appears, unnamed, in For Want of a Nail, accepting a Muddy Mugs token from Azumi. The fact she does not mention this to Loki implies that she worked out something big was going on. To be fair, there are a limited number of explanations for an old woman with Loki's exact eyes delivering him a coffee voucher.

J.A.N.E stands for Juvenile Automated Neurology Expert, and she makes a comment to Loki about doing 'child neurology'. It is therefore safe to assume that J.A.N.E is Shin-Ra's resident expert on the neurology (or 'automated neurology', whatever that is) of child patients. The fact she was working with Loki suggests that he is involved in some sort of child-related experiments… in which case, one has to ask why he seemed so appalled at the idea of Hojo using underage children as test subjects. He does mention an 'age of consent' for experiments, so it could be that Loki and J.A.N.E only work with slightly older children, but even so…

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