Characters: Igor

Full Name: Igor
Game: Dungeon Dimensions and Dragons
Played By: Al-Khorazhamann
Villainy Status: Hero
Kill Count: 0
Death Count: 0

Taken directly from the Discworld. A common stock character in horror fiction, usually as a hunchbacked servant aiding the main villain (eg. in The Curse of Frankenstein). Also partly based on Frankenstein's monster, in that he is stitched together from various body parts.

Like most Igors, some parts of him have been in the family for generations. It appears that he has recently found himself out of work, and so sends himself to the We R Igors HQ in search of more, just as the Auditors start messing with time. He fails. He then joins the Bloody Stupid Johnson Military Engineering Corps as one of their much needed medical staff. During this period he does nothing of note except talk incoherently to Lu Tze.

Whether or not he is the same Igor as a previous Igor from Discworld is not entirely clear.

Personality and Traits:
Abhors waste of any kind, including that of body parts. As an Igor, he is naturally very skilled with a needle, and at all kinds of menial task, which he performs without much objection. He can also presumably open doors before the second knock regardless of how far he is from them, and re-enter a room without being noticed after clearly leaving via the only door, which was then locked and bolted

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