Characters: Death (Game World)

Full Name: The Grim Reaper, The Angel of Death
Game: First Game
Played By: NPC
Villainy Status: Neutral
Kill Count: 0 (or zillions, depending)
Death Count: Um…

A common figure in folklore. Appears briefly in the Bible. A central character in Terry Pratchett's Dicworld series.

Seen at the very end, lamenting over failing to fight Jack like he'd promised to. he then disappears into the parallel Game World to collect the souls killed in the apocalypse, although he doesn't collect Lazarus's, possibly because they used to have an intimate relationship which Lazarus broke off.

The Life of Joanna Hojo-Be-Damned Whatyoulike
In the possibly-canon TLoJH-B-DW, (which can be found in our Archive), the Sourceworlder accidentally visits the realm of this Death when he first leaves the Sourceworld. Lazarus walks in on them and assumes the Sourceworlder is a man Death brought home. This is implied to be what led to their breakup.

Personality and Traits
Somewhat crueller than most other Combat Dome Deaths, but still ultimately just a guy doing a job (albeit one who lets personal grudges get in the way now and then). Has the ability to fade between realities through some sort of matter-swapping system.

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