Characters: Bugenhagen

Full Name: Bugenhagen, aka "Bugmeister" or "Bugy"
Played By: NPC
Villainy Status: Hero
Kill Count: probably 0
Death Count: 0

Taken directly from FFVII. Probably based on German philosopher Johannes Bugenhagen.

Formerly a Shin-Ra scientist and friend of Hojo, he retired to become an elder in his new home of Cosmo Canyon to pursue the Study of Planet Lifestreams and Coffee, and where he finds a peaceful harmony between technology and nature. He has an observatory at the top of Cosmo Canyon. The scientist Von Insanity IV, also known as Loki, encountered him during time off and they hit it off instantly. Meeting Bugenhagen caused Loki to question the ethics of his employers, and Loki later called on him for help to save Characters: Joanna a young girl whom Hojo had experimented on.

When Loki discovers that Hojo has been experimenting on other children and loses his temper, he is questioned on his difference from the mindless drones Hojo usually employs, to which he replies "I had a mind transplant recently from a very clever scientist". This is most likely a reference to Bugenhagen. He then takes the child in question to Cosmo Canyon, against orders, to get help from Bugenhagen, who decides then that Hojo has finally gone too far, and that they should go to Fort Condor to rally up an anti-ShinRa army. He supplies Loki's team with armoured vehicles and goes part of the way with them, but then leaves to help another band of heroes, headed by Cloud Strife, to acquire a special magic capable of stopping the strike of the Meteor.

After returning, Bugenhagen comes across a copy of Hojo's notes on Project Multiverse, and hears that the entirity of Deepground is now preparing for war against Loki's band. He goes to Fort Condor to inform Loki of this, and subsequently leaves to get him some useful 'gifts'.

After returning some time later, he supplies Loki with a large amount of equipment gained from both his own universe and several others, including a full set of materia, three final attack materia, three Star Wars lightsabers, the Elder Wand of HP fame, and Davros's prototype Reality Bomb.

Possibly fights in the final battle as well, but is not seen on the front line with Loki or on the back line with Joanna. If he survives, then we can assume he probably carries on working on Project Multiverse and looks after Roddy.

Personality and Traits:
An eccentric genius who shares Loki's love of coffee, although only as a close second to his love of Planetary Life, he has the ability to float without apparent aid and a tendency to start sentences with an odd, hooting laugh. Probably the most ethical thing ever to come out of Shin-Ra.

Other Bugenhagens
Is mentioned as having been killed on President Insanity's orders in For Want of a Nail. There is also a hermit woman living not far from Shin-Ra city who may be an ex-acquaintance of him.

In FWoaN, Azumi sends Bugenhagen instructions in the past that when he discovers trans-universary travel he is to send a lightsaber back in time to Rebecca. He is also forbidden from telling anyone this, however, in order to preserve the timelines.

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