Characters: Brall

Full Name: Brall
Game: FFVII Game
Played By: Craig
Villainy Status: villain/hero
Kill Count: unknown, but a lot
Death Count: 2

Originally a SOLDIER goon, Brall was given plant empathy by accident by Loki, against whom he then filed a report (shock horror). He then went after wanted rebel Bob, challenged him in single combat, and woke up shortly afterwards, naked, under a bush, practically dead, on his own. Stole some clothes and weapons and decided the SOLDIER life wasn't for him, so went to join Loki in Fort Condor.

After some initial uneasiness, he settled into his new role as Loki's Number Two, helping to turn himself into a clone of Genesis and contacting his old friends at SOLDIER to help them fight. Seen in the final battle killing soldiers via plant empathy, taking on Rosso and Nero, being machine-gunned to death, taking on Hojo with Loki and Bob, and being killed again. His tomb is seen in the Epilogue.

Personality and Traits:
Fairly intelligent for a SOLDIER grunt, and an able-ish fighter. After getting Plant Empathy, he can control any plant within a wide area. Idolises Genesis. Seems oddly forgiving towards Loki, but less so towards Bob.

Other Bralls
An alternate Brall appears in It Runs in the Family accompanying Loki to Midgar to retrieve Roddy. He is captured by Von III but later escapes when his guards are distracted by Loki duelling Von III. For Want of a Nail mentions that, as a result of the timelines being meddled with, Brall is dead in both the main FWoaN universe and the Loki-is-evil universe.

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