Characters: Bob (Gaia)

Full Name: Bob
Game: FFVII Game
Played By: Alastair
Villainy Status: Villain/antihero/both at once/who knows?
Kill Count: unknown, but a lot
Death Count: 2

Originally a small-time anti-Shin-Ra rebel, Bob became a major threat when he walked into a Shin-Ra hospital and massacred everyone inside. As a result, Shin-Ra launched a worldwide search for him which included attacking Fort Condor, greatly annoying Bugenhagen, and Bob was forced to flee, stopping only to loot a gun shop.

Eventually tracked down by then-SOLDIER member Brall, whom Bob then beat into unconsciousness, killed or drove away the underlings of, stole the clothes and equipment of, and abandoned in a bush, before taking refuge in a cave.

Somehow, news of the impending Deepground war reached him, and he decided to use it as a way of seriously sticking it to Shin-Ra before he died. Seen in the final battle organising an initial strike/distraction, machine-gunning some Shin-Ra troops, being killed by the Tsviets and then being killed again by Hojo. His grave is seen in the epilogue.

Personality and Traits:
Highly erratic, violent and sadistic. Seems to be prejudiced against the overweight, and is also quite paranoid (he decides to kill anyone who "is a Shin-Ra, is fat, or looks at me funny").
Not terribly intelligent, it would seem, but very good at fighting, and strong enough to use a buster sword.

Other Bobs
In the universe of For Want of a Nail, Bob has become a mass-murdering terrorist constantly trying and failing to destroy Shin-Ra. He hijacks Shin-Ra's own technology to send himself back in time in an attempt to kill Loki before he can become President Insanity.

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