Characters: Bob

Full Name: Bob
Game: First Game (epilogue only), possibly FFVII Game
Played by: alastair
Villainy Status: unclear, probably hero
Kill Count: 0
Death count: 0

Not to be confused with Bob (Gaia) or Bob (Donkey).

An inter-dimensional adventurer who appears on the Game World several millenia after the apocalypse, pulling a trailer full of nukes. He walked through the desert until he found a village, where he met an aged Lazarus and asked the immortal line: "Am I too late?".

He was last seen walking into the desert with Lazarus

Personality and Traits:
Apparently obsessed with Pi and reasonably stupid. He has the ability to survive nuclear blasts, although this is never used.

Another character named Bob, also played by Alastair, appears in the FFVII game. This is possibly the same character, having escaped into a different universe. It is also possible that this Bob is a parallel equivalent of that Bob, just as Springheel Jack is theorised to be a parallel equivalent of Loki

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