Characters: Blind Io

Full Name: Blind Io, God of Thunder
Game: Dungeon Dimensions and Dragons
Played By: Aalastair (breifly)
Villainy Status: hard to tell. Probably hero.
Kill Count: 0 (intentionally - he may have killed many people when he fell)
Death Count: possibly 1

Taken directly from Discworld. Character based on Odin and Zeus.

Created through the belief of thunder-fearing people all over the Disc. Rules over the gods of Dunmanifestin, atop Cori Celesti. Or at least did, until the Auditors turned up and threw him out, whereupon his fall was broken by the Mended Drum. He then wandered around a bit until he was found and questioned by Lu Tze. Being a god, he smought this irritating little man with thunderbolts - which turned out to be a bad idea as Lu Tze can come back from death, and is very good at martial arts…
Last seen as a victim of the Coma Sickness, and possibly its first fatality.
Presumably restored to Cori Celesti with the rebooting of history.

Personality and Traits:
Very short temper, coupled with ability to control storms, make him not a very nice person to be around. Is blind, but can call ravens or floating eyes into existence to see for him.

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