Characters: Azumi

Full Name: Azumi Ericho-Insanity
Game: First Game
Played By: NPC
Vilainy Status: Heroine
Kill Count: 0
Death Count: 0

Taken directly from a dream.

Mother of Loki and erstwhile wife of Von Insanity III, she left her abusive husband and became the adoptive mother of Joanna. Made a Shin-Ra target after Loki left her a message, but saved by Joanna's magic. She then travelled to Fort Condor shortly before the battle. Much of Loki's fortune was left to her and Joanna, and his last conversation before the battle was a farewell to them. Seen in the climatic battle helping from Fort Condor, along with Joanna and the Sourceworlder; engraving an extended version of the Him Shiny poem onto Mr F Shiny; at the end of the battle viewing the carnage; and in the epilogue, apparently as President of a United Gaia, attending a memorial service for Loki's army.

Personality And Traits:
Kind-hearted and good at looking after people. Willing to fight if it comes to it, but not very good at it. Apparently a good leader, although this doesn't come across in gameplay.

Other Azumis
It Runs in the Family takes place in a parallel universe very similar to the canon, and mainly centres around the relationship between Loki, Azumi and Von III. IRitF Azumi was technically the first Azumi to be thought up, and is almost exactly like her canon counterpart but for more poetic speech. She frees Reeve Tsuetsi and helps evactuate Midgar. For Want of a Nail also shows an alternate Azumi whose speech is somewhere between the two and who is more useful in combat situations. She helps the Sourceworlder fix things when someone meddles with the timelines.

While very little is said about her during the game, in a dream had by Calum following excessive Combat Dome playing her backstory was greatly explored.

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