Auditors Of Reality

Full Name: The Auditors of Reality
Game: Dungeon Dimensions and Dragons
Played By: NPCs
Villainy Status: Villains by action, but neutral by mindset
Kill Count: -10 (don't ask)
Death Count: 0

Taken directly from the Discworld books in which they are recurring villains. Named so because they ensure that reality happens properly.

Throughout history, the Auditors have attempted to erase life from the universe. Past attempts include having Death fired, launching a comet at the Disc, hiring Teatime to kill the Hogfather, hiring Jeremy Clockson to construct a clock that froze time, and - via interuniversary travel - preventing Charles Darwin from causing various scientific advances.

Their latest scheme, however, involves having the Agatean Empire declaring war on Ankh-Morpork (and everywhere else), draining magic from the Disc, and bringing back various dead warriors to cause as much death as possible
In a recent development, the Audotirs appear to have harnessed the power of the Coma Sickness to send the entire Disc into a semi-live state. Perhaps more worryingly, they are starting to EVOLVE…

Personality and Traits:
They have no personalities, as that would involve becoming individuals and thus immediately terminate their existence. They believe the multiverse ought to consist of some nice, orderly moving rocks, and that messy things like life and untruthfulness should be destroyed.
They do not speak, but alter reality so that it sounds as if they have spoken. If ever they use a personal pronoun it results in termination.
In recent times, they have learnt to merge together to become more solid and stronger. However, this also makes them vulnerable to taste, touch and smell, which for an Auditor is not good as extremes of taste and smell can cause them to explode.

In more recent developments, the Auditors seem to have overcome most of their weaknesses, being able to develop personality and individuality, use the first personal pronoun, and go around in groups of two or less. Exactly why is unclear…

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